Want to buy a pet dog, what should I buy? Where to buy?

Want to buy a pet dog, what should I buy? Where to buy? I really want to raise a dog 养 ω ω ・ ∪

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  1. 1. Environmental hygiene
    It from the environment of dog house dogs, we can see if this dog house is regular. A pigraher of environmental sanitation and shit and urine flavor must be a problem. Dogs live in such a messy environment, and the chance of getting sick will be very high. The regular dogs must be very neat and clean, and there will be no unpleasant odor.
    2. The state of the dog
    It the state of the dog should be observed from the dog's body and spiritual aspect. Most of the poor dogs are problematic. Of course, dogs who look good are not necessarily healthy, because some black -hearted sellers will inject a drug to the dogs, making the dog look shocking. So combine the dog's body appearance judgment.
    (1) Observe whether the dog's eyes are God and whether there is a turbid situation. There are not many secretions in the eyes, and there are tear marks. Under normal circumstances, the dog's eyes are bright, and the secretions are rarely seen. (2) Whether the dog's nose is moist. The nose of a healthy dog ​​is wet, and drying the dog may have a fever. (3) Observe whether the dog's buttocks are clean and whether there are dung residues. If there is stains in the surrounding hair, and the abnormal yellowing may appear, the dog may have diarrhea. (4) Gently open the dog's ears to check whether the ear canal is clean and whether there is black or brown dirt. I smell the smell in the ears, because the healthy dog's ears are very clean and there will be no odor. (5) Observe whether the dog's limbs and the body are well -proportioned and walk normally. See if the dog's feet pads are thick and full, are there any wounds. (6) Pay attention to the dog's tongue. The color of the healthy dog's tongue should be light red, and there is a meager tongue coating, and the tongue coating should be uniform.
    3. The diet of the dog
    The regular dogs will scientifically feed the dogs and give the dog a full price of all dogs and puppies.
    4. Observe the mental state and hygiene status of other dogs in the dog house
    In the other dogs of the same dog house, whether the mental state is good and whether the living environment is clean. If other dogs have a mental deficiency, be careful. Many dogs' diseases are contagious, and regular dogs will definitely separate their mental or sick dogs.
    5. The number of dog breeds
    Thenian, characteristics, history, etc. of a dog breed requires a lot of energy and financial resources to learn and practice. The breeding plan of a dog species is strictly formulated based on the characteristics of this dog species. Formal dogs often only breed about 1-2 varieties. What dog breeds have more dogs, and still have to pay more attention.
    6. After -sales service
    The regular dogs will conduct regular return visits to the dog's customers, and instruct the puppy's owner how to feed the dog scientifically and correctly.
    Muspicious merchants who sell dogs will not recognize the account after selling the dogs, let alone visit and guide feeding. It is even more difficult to return the dog back.
    . In addition to observing the above problems, pay attention to the following situations of dogs before the dog care:
    1. It is about 3 months or more. Puppies under 2 months are generally not weaning, or weaning. At this time, puppies are prone to discomfort due to weaning. In addition, after the puppies have been vaccinated, they are almost about March to April.
    M puppies vaccine need to be vaccinated three times for 4 weeks each time. For the 2 -month -old puppies, if all the vaccines have been vaccinated, it is likely that the merchant will vaccinate the puppies prematurely in order to sell it as soon as possible, which will cause the effect of the vaccine to be affected.
    Mou must ask whether the merchant has been vaccinated, the vaccination date of vaccination, etc., and whether the dog has adverse reactions after the vaccine has a bad response. Because if puppies have no adverse reactions to this vaccine, they can continue to use the same vaccine next time. Conversely, the vaccine should be replaced, and when vaccination, it should be explained to the veterinarian that the dog last vaccinated the vaccine.
    3. Have you ever done insect repellent in internal and external
    Is to ask the puppy's body and outside the body and outside of the body and outside the body and outside the body and outside the body and outside the body and outside the body. It is convenient for the next time I do deworming for reference.
    4. The health of the dog understands whether the puppies' health is good, and whether there have been any diseases, condition and recovery.
    5. What are the laws and recipes of the diet

    Is when raising puppies, ask the recipes, dietary rules, a few meals and food per meal. You can write it down, including the formal types of foods such as dog food. Two to three weeks after puppies received their own home, they continued to feed the same variety of dog food. The puppies are weak. If you need to change food, you should also change it slowly. It is not advisable to replace new varieties of dog food at one time. Otherwise, it is easy to cause problems such as diarrhea and vomiting.
    6. The background of the dog and the parent -related information
    The source of puppies and the information of their parents can see the puppies' parents. Some merchant puppies also lead from elsewhere. If the puppies' parents are not clear, it is likely that they do not understand the condition of puppies. In addition, if it is purely species, it can be seen from the puppies' parents. It can be seen that the puppies grow up when they grow up. Generally, they are all inseparable from ten, and they will not be too much.
    7. Certificate related to varieties
    This is also critical to see the blood type certificate. However, the blood certificate and the dog's own quality are two concepts, not to say that the quality of the dog with a certificate must be good. The bloodline certificate can only be proved by authoritative agencies to prove that this dog is a pure dog, which does not mean the difference in the quality of the dog.
    . Refuse to buy online
    The feedback from many friends who raise dogs. The dogs purchased online are ill at home a few days before going to the seller. Therefore, if you raise dogs, you must choose the right channel, at least you can see the dog with your own eyes.

  2. China's two largest pet dog markets. First, Kaifeng Dog City, Henan. Second, Beijing Tongzhou Dog City. At present, these two dog markets in China have a certain depth dog market, but the depth also represents the deep water. The biggest difference between the two is that there are many bad dogs in the Kaifeng dog, such as sick dogs, dyeing, staining, and staining. The price is very low, and some will even tell you what the dog is diseased. The price is very low. If you think it is worth it, you can buy it, such as the cough dog, the market price is 6 pertine, the cough dog is 4 white, it can be And the treatment of cough may be better to seek medical treatment, or hundreds of good medical treatment, but after all, this nest cough is not fatal. If you buy it if you encounter the canine plague, you buy it without distinguishing it, then you should be fooled. And the Beijing Tongzhou Dog City is simpler. No matter what dog, good dependence, the sickness, the price is high, and there is no meaning of golden gold at all. The traffickers came here to fall down, and few traffickers came here to buy goods. Kaifeng Dog City and Beijing Dog City are like vegetable markets and supermarkets. There are rotten cabbage in the vegetable market but low in price, and supermarkets are not low. But if you want to buy a dog with a blood, CKU champion, you should go to Beijing, because the price of this stuff will not be low anyway, Beijing is relatively standardized, although it will pit you, but after all There are a lot of these famous dogs, although there are many Kaifeng, but there are many cheap dogs. Overall, when you go to this large dog market to buy pets, you must first go in the morning. There are many traffickers in the morning. They dare not blindfold them casually. A test paper, remember to use the test strip before you talk about the transaction, eliminate the dead diseases such as canine plague and small, coronary, and crown -shaped. If you find such diseases, do not buy it, unless you are a charity, buy a dog 200, 2000 Cure, the survival rate is less than 40%. When it is not particularly understandable, choose the kind of nest and sell as much as possible. At least it proves that this dog is not screened. Ask the seller, it will expose you are a little white. For example, when you see the golden retriever, you want to say: How much is this golden retriever hug? Is not blood (or: paper with paper)? Meaning: How much does you take for your golden retriever to take away? Is it a dog parent a dog for relevant institutions to certify the competition? Is it a certificate of birth? What kind of differentiated genes contain, such as the white cubs born by Black Labrador and White Labrador, A gene is black and white. The probability of having a black dog.) Seeing a dog with a small head, you have to say: The front page is not good, and the leg shape is different from other dogs. You can say: This leg can't participate? When you see the hairy, you ask if you have a skin disease. When you see the cough, you will ask if you cough or cough. Ordinary golden retrievers are buying in Kaifeng. In the case of not being deceived, 400 gets a problem with 400. It is also possible to buy two if you buy two. Dogs generally have no one. Many people think it is a skewers. In fact, if you know the eyes and buy it at a low price, you will have a small hair. Is it rare? After getting one, the body, abilities, and hair are normal, that is, the color is black. If the luck is better, collect a few black golden retrievers and breed a stable black golden hair dog, then you will make a fortune.

  3. 你好,我个人认为要养狗狗一定要有责任心,rn不然会对狗狗造成心灵的伤害,找这买健康的,请加信rnvv12016rn_______________________________________________r n_______________________________________________rnWill anyone surprise me this Christmasrn너이거못세계, 너만아는사람을경멸한다.rn选择自己需要导出的组别,右键——导出消息,弹出的对话框选择导出The path and format can also support the TXT documentation. You can export the couple's conversation to remember, but remember that the TXT format does not support the introduction, or directly click the inverted triangle icon in the upper right corner to select all the news. Remember the path and file name after exporting.
    then can be imported. It is still a message manager at the bottom of the main interface. In the pop -up interface, click the inverted triangle icon in the upper right to select the chat message
    found the path and document that were exported before, click to import the import, click to import Just accept it.

  4. Well, this depends on the environment you live in and personal preferences. I personally like big dogs, but it seems that most people are more afraid of saying
    The common on the street is toys VIPs, Bomei, Bear Bear Small dogs such as
    If you want to buy a dog, it is not recommended to go to the pet market (the puppy that is likely to be bought has been dyed with certain diseases). You can choose to contact the seller on the same city forum online and go to buy r n n hope to help

  5. You can sell it at Langfang near Beijing. There are household Soviet red, German shepherds, and pet dogs Samoa, teddy, golden retriever, and bear. Whenever the lunar calendar and seventh opening, search for Wanzhuang market, you can find it.

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