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  1. "The Adventures of Cat" (English: The) is an animated film produced and distributed by Walter Disney in 1970. Its release date was December 11, 1970 (Hong Kong was released on January 20, 1972), which is the 20th Walter Disney classic animated film. The story of the film happened in Paris, France in 1910. It tells the story of a cat mother named "Du Cuisi (meaning the" Duke ") and her three kittens. The DVD of this film has been released by Zhonglu Degara and Bowe in mainland China.

    "Cat's Adventures" is the 20th classic cartoon in Disney. Now, taking advantage of the special version of DVD, I think I should write something for it. It is actually difficult to describe my love for it in language, because it brings a lot of happiness to my childhood.
    This is really a movie that is very suitable for little girls. The most yearning for girls in childhood is nothing more than two things: one is a princess -like life; the other is that pets are often accompanied by. The princess -like cat satisfies their two ideals at the same time. At the beginning of the film, the life status of cats and cats sang in English and French-"They sleep on the most beautiful velvet in Paris ..."
    , this is a group of rich cats because their The owner is a famous female soprano singer in Paris. She has no loved ones and gives all her love to cats. The cat mother also believes in a guideline: girls have to support them, and morality will be noble. She always reminds her little daughter Mary to be like a lady. Mary also learned her mother like a decent manner. Although she had a little bit of a little dressed in a lady, she also looked particularly cute. She will say- "I go first because I am a lady." "The lady won't start fighting, but it will end the fight." For the two little boys, the cat mother told them that they don’t need to learn to use their claws because they are because they are they are gentleman. In addition, the courses of the young masters and ladies of education, gait, painting, piano, and vocal music are the same.
    Is seeing here, do you feel too bourgeoisie, far from our labor people's education. If the film came to China in the 1970s, it would definitely be verbally cut. But coquettishness is not the same as usual, and pets are not the same as doting. Next, you will see how successful his mother's education.
    The male servant Aiji was unable to endure the right of inheritance and left the sleeping cats to the suburbs. In the face of changes and difficulties, the cat mother was not panicked, neither screaming nor crying. She still maintains elegant grace and good education, but just finds a way to return to the city. In this way, the children feel very safe and no one is playing. Their kindness and cuteness made them continue to get the help of stray cats, British goose, mice and Mrs. Ma. Along the way, although others have many differences in life, language, or national habits, cats are always tolerant, without any displeased, always say "thank you!" "You are so good."
    Especially the first night of returning to the city, stray cat Ohma arranged for them to live in a chaotic "wild cat club". Not only did they not frown, they also appreciated Ouma
    R n let them know so many friends-a group of streets that are completely different from them. They speak rudely, unlike Shakespeare; they sing trendy, not Beethoven. However, the cat mother still communicated with them happily, and did not stop the children from playing on the dirty blankets, and also blowing the trumpet that the cat blewed by the cat (you know, not being criticized at home). Even the elegant cat lady twisted her waist and danced with everyone. I suddenly felt that this was the real noble, fresh and charming, tolerant, calm in front of difficulties, learned to adapt in different environments, thank others sincerely, happily accepting good intentions, always thinking about others, making the other party feel Happy, not standing, not qualified, who can do those who are not nobles? In the end, these mixed people helped them and let Eji receive the punishment they should have. I especially like the song "Everything I want to be a cat in the heavens and the earth", confident, freedom, happiness, and sensitivity. Their smiles warm people's hearts. Their eyes know everything. Cats are indeed the most wonderful elves in the world.
    In the release of the film, it has been favored by many small fans, especially the little lady Mary, who wears a pink bow. Essence She was full of fantasy and curiosity, so she was able to extend infinitely in Disney's world. Disney's animal stars have accompanied us to grow up. Now, with the rise of 3D animation, the image of a cute and cute animal cartoon will become less and less in the future. Let us miss these small cartoon animals created by Disney in the last century.

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