3 thoughts on “Do pet dogs must eat dog food, can we eat the meals we eat?”

  1. It is not necessary to eat dog food, you can eat people, but it is best not to eat too oily and too salty things. The dog's need for salt is a quarter of people. In addition, people eat things. It ’s so bad. It’ s easy to pick up food or something. It ’s easy to picky. It’ s too complicated to eat it. It is easy to get enteritis. It is recommended not to feed too much. The dogs can eat without salt. TAOBAO Store: Huimin Pet Products Network Specialty Store provides you inquiries.

  2. Before the age of one, you can't eat it, otherwise you will suffer from obesity, and there are many dogs that can not eat in human food. In short, it is better to be careful. If you do n’t eat dog food, you can buy yogurt, pour it on the dog food, and eat the dog. This is how my dog's anorexia is cured. In short, if you have to eat people's food, you must be eaten after one year old, and the egg white is not good. Essence Essence Essence In short, it is very troublesome. It is still safe to eat dog food.

  3. To be honest, it is said that eating dog food is good
    The at the minimum of dog food
    containing preservatives, additives.
    The meals in your own family will definitely not have these.
    It some leftovers or something, it must be healthier than eating dog food!

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