4 thoughts on “As a novice, I want to ask how to buy a Corgi dog?”

  1. As an experienced person, if you want to raise a Corgi dog, you must pay attention to the bloodline, because the pure Corgi dog will be healthier, and the chance of genetic diseases will be less. It will be easier to get up. When buying a Corgi dog, you can let the merchant show the bloodline certificate. As long as the parents of the Corgi dog are pure species, the puppies will also be pure. When buying a Corgi dog, it is best to choose to go to a regular pet shop, so as to prevent merchants from holding a counterfeit certificate. In the process of choosing a Corgi dog, you must also observe the limbs, glasses, hair and other aspects of these parts. These parts can also reflect the health of the dog.
    I. Precautions. If the dog's body is healthier, the hair will be very soft and have a strong sense of luster. Generally, the Corgi dogs in pet shops rarely have it. Parasites, but if you want to understand whether the dog's body is healthy, you must observe whether the dog's hair is bright. You can choose to touch it with your hands. If you feel very fluffy, it is healthy. Because the unhealthy Corgi hair is very easy to collapse, and it looks dull.
    . In the process of choosing a Corgi dog in the pet shop, you can observe the dog's limbs and body shape. If the dog's body has deformity, it may be that the dog is suffered during the development process. The impact of bad factors. If the dog's body appears deforms, you must choose carefully, because the body may have hereditary diseases. At this time, whether it is treatment or breeding, it will become very troublesome.
    Observing the mental state of Corgi's dog. Generally, the lively Cocyle dog is worth choosing, because if the dog's mental state is very good, it means that this dog is healthier, because only the body has the body, only the body has the body, only the body is the body, because only the body has the body. The healthy Cock dog will also be more naughty in life. If the dog is very unwilling to move, and the mental state is relatively poor, it is best not to choose.

  2. First of all, you must check whether the Corgi dog's mental state is good, and during the purchase process, you must communicate with the dogs with basic communication, choose your favorite dog, and check whether the dog's limbs are strong. I need to have a certain understanding of his birth to see if his parents have serious genetic diseases.

  3. When buying a Corgi dog, you must first go to the regular purchase channel, check the corresponding views, do not buy it online, and check the specific shape of the Corgi dog to see if its limbs are strong, the eyes are the eyes Bright, do not have severe tears, and choose the appearance of the Corgi dog.

  4. First of all, we need to ask Corgi's size and public or mother, and at the same time, we also need to know Corki's bloodline and some vaccines in it. More important students should pay attention to the hair of technology and his liveliness. And see if technology has been broken.

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