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  1. Sometimes pet dogs adopted are often very small, sometimes not full moon. For this reason, many dogs who like dogs are more worried that they are worried that such small dogs are difficult to feed. In fact, this worry is often superfluous. It is true that puppies are difficult to survive when they leave their mother's embrace. For puppies without the full moon, how can we do it to feed puppies? In fact, you don't have to worry too much about raising a full moon. I have brought you several aspects of breeding. As long as you pay attention to it, you will definitely feed dogs who have not produced the full moon!

    1. In terms of diet

    The first feeding milk cake: The first puppy at this stage is best to feed milk cakes, or sheep milk, it is also possible to feed directly. Essence My dog ​​breaks the milk for a month, and it is used to feed milk cakes. It is used in the milk period. It is also very easy to use! Second breastfeeding: It is best to feed goat milk if you feed them. Without fresh milk, you can buy some goat milk powder from the supermarket. It is good to be matched with milk cake. Do not feed the dog baby milk, because the dog's stomach without a full moon is not fully developed, and it will be easy to diarrhea if you drink milk.

    Dogs within one month after the dog was born, it is best to breastfeed. Dog's mother's breast milk has a lot of nutrients, which is very suitable for the physique of dog babies. Third feeding eggs: Foods suitable for puppies and eggs. The purpose is to increase the nutrients of the puppy and supplement the protein in the puppy's body. Fourth feeding dog food: For dogs, the best recipes are dog food except for breast milk. Because dog food contains all kinds of nutrients that dogs develop and grow, they are also one of the first choices when raising dogs that have been raised for less than full moon.

    2. In terms of sleep

    Sleep: Because the physical fitness of the dog baby who has not been full of full moon is relatively backward, its ability to reach the outside world is also weak. Therefore, the dogs that have not been raised for full moon must be careful. Among them, it is a necessary job to create a comfortable and warm living environment for the dog. Because the living environment will directly affect the sleep quality of the puppy. In order to allow the dog to have a good sleep quality, you can find a long velvet doll or old sweater. , Can ensure that dogs can have better sleep!

    3. Take care of the daily of puppy

    control food intake: puppies are often not hungry or not, belonging to the rubber belly. Be sure to control the amount of food. Do not feed too much at a time. Feed more (feed the number of times, it is best to feed about 4 times a day) less (feeding amount). Vaccination: Spring is a multi -season of dog diseases. Take a puppy to the professional pet hospital for injections (can prevent small diseases, canine plague, etc.). Pay attention to hygiene: Pules who are not full of full moon are taken care of by dogs, so excretion is random. Everyone must do a good job of sanitary cleaning for babies!

    It after reading these aspects, do you also feel that the puppy who has not yet produced the full moon is not difficult to complete. As long as you have love for small animals, have confidence in supporting puppies and raising scientifically, and puppies do not have congenital diseases, then I believe that puppies who have not produced the full moon are also very easy. Woolen cloth! As long as you are attentive, you can raise a big dog. Thank you readers and friends for reading and watching. Thank you for your support!

  2. 1. You can try to feed scientifically with milk, low -fat comfort.
    Couver that is about a month, you can feed with low -fat comfort. You can also try to feed with milk (try it, see that there is no diarrhea, you can feed. If diarrhea, you can use goat milk powder). The dog can be weaned after two months. After that, you can feed puppies softly. Remember that the dog food soaked in water must be eaten immediately.
    2. Pay attention to defecation.
    The dogs who just brought home are normal a few days ago. It is normal for me to be hungry for a long time.
    3. Physical examination.
    bring to a regular professional hospital for examination, and ask the veterinarian to check whether the dog is injured or sick.
    4. Do a good job of heat preservation.
    This dog's insulation is more important than eating. Dog's body temperature is too low. You must wrap your clothes. If you find that the temperature of the milk dog is not high, prepare a towel and a blanket to make a small nest, put the milk dog in the nest to sleep, and heat it with an electric blanket. I found that the milk dog is dirty, just rub it with a warm towel! Don't take a bath at random to prevent colds.
    5. Determine whether you have the ability to raise.
    If you decide to raise a milk dog, you must fully examine whether you are capable. Taking care of dogs can not have enthusiasm, but also have financial ability, and sufficient patience. In fact, raising dogs, like raising babies, is worried and laborious. If you are unable to raise, you can find a reliable adoption family at relatives and friends and animal hospitals or online help dogs.

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