5 thoughts on “How do Satsuma cut hair? Where should I cut it?”

  1. Satsuma beauty is mainly cut with teeth, mainly cutting ears, feet, buttocks, tail heel

    n to cut off the ears with teeth, trim the tip of the ears to the tip of the triangle slightly rounded, round shape Essence
    The feet also expose the toe seam with tooth cuts, cut it into a rabbit foot
    . The hair of the buttocks combed with the row and dredge it back. The effect is the book type
    The tail roots are as large as the anus

  2. If possible, go to the pet shop to cut hair. Cut yourself: you can cut your chest, in your ears, tails, back hair, and hair next to your belly

  3. Hello, Samoyed does not need to trim hair. Unless it is necessary to treat it when it gets skin diseases, because the more the hair of Samoyed's hair will become harder and harder. You only need to cut the hair of the toe, because the long Mao is too long, it will cause pets to slip and easily contaminate dirt. Finally, it is recommended that you go to a professional pet shop for mutual benefit, because it is easy to make pets by yourself. When I was injured, I accidentally cut the toenails of the toenails when I trimmed my toe hair and toes for the first time.

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