4 thoughts on “Hound is a dog that helps people work. Do you know which famous hounds are available?”

  1. Hound is a dog that helps people work. It can smell the taste through its nose, remember that taste, and follow the prey. The hound's sense of smell is very sensitive, and its nose is its best weapon. In the world, the top ten hounds are the following dogs.
    The first is a large dog, Tibetan mastiff, also known as the Tibetan mastiff dog, is a particularly large and fierce animal. It is produced in the high-cold area of ​​the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. About 80 kilograms, it belongs to the wolf species, and the sense of smell is very sensitive. Once the prey it is stared at, it usually cannot run.

    The second dog is the Gaoto dog in Russia. Colorful, it has a pair of blue gemstones, with good vision and good sense of smell. It is a dog second only to the Tibetan mastiff. The third dog is Italian twist Boliton. Its weight can reach 50-70 kg, height can reach 61-71 cm. Full, fat, and healthy, is a good hound.
    The fourth dog is Brazilian Filler dog. It is a very precious tracking dog. It can be regarded as a very sensitive sense of smell. The fifth kind of dog is the Bordeaux of France. Because of its powerless strength and particularly fierce, it is often used as a hunting dog. The fifth ranking is the most suitable.
    The sixth type of dog is Argentine Du Gao. Its ability is strong attack power. It was rumored that it could win a wild boar, so it ranked sixth. The seventh dog is a shepherd in Central Asia. Because it is a shepherd, it is necessary to be vigilant at all times, so it is very aggressive to treat foreign things. The eighth type of dog is the Spanish Ghanal dog, because it hurts people's skills, so that many countries are prohibited from this dog, and the attack power is one of the best.
    The ninth dog is a weird killer cattle head stalk. The personality of the bull head stalk is very impatient and the fighting is very strong, so it is very powerful as a hunting dog. The tenth type of dog is the silent dog fighting dog. Japan's Tosa. This dog also has a Japanese Tibetan mastiff. Tibetan mastiffs. As we all know, the lethality is particularly strong, so the combat effectiveness is also very strong.

  2. The first is the boss dog, the most famous native hound in China, and the second is the Mongolian Dog. The movement is fast and the bite is strong. The third is the tabby dog.

  3. Horse dogs, German Mu, Labrado, Boss Dogs, Tabot Dogs, and Mongolian Dogs are all famous hounds. The hunting ability is very strong and the obedience is high.

  4. There are many well -known hunting dogs in the world, such as Yorkshine, small hounds, Tibetan mastiffs, Labrador hounds, poodles, etc. Many hounds are very friendly to humans.

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