People like to raise pet dogs, but do not know how to train a pet dog, how do you train a horse?

4 thoughts on “People like to raise pet dogs, but do not know how to train a pet dog, how do you train a horse?”

  1. Modern people know more and more about how to live, and they will add something else at home. There are plants and animals, especially animals, people like them very much, and they also like pet dogs, but some I don't know how to train pet dogs, especially to train lively dogs. At this time, it is necessary to test the ability of people's understanding and dog cooperation. Many people ask, how should you train it if you want a horse to bark? In fact, there are many small methods.
    First of all, you must have a good relationship with the horses and dogs in the early stage, because only by being familiar with the horse can it trust yourself. Only on the basis of trusting yourself can you train it and let the horses listen to themselves. And during training, everyone must have a certain patience and love, and cannot easily get angry with horses and dogs. They think that dogs and people are two different species, so communication is difficult. And dogs do not understand human language well, and everyone can make corresponding actions when sending a password. In this way, it is easy for dogs to understand the specified meaning under the cooperation of language and movements. In the later training, the movement slowly decreased, and only the password remained in the end, so that the dogs had a familiar grasp of their instructions under long -term persistence.
    let it be called when it should be called, the dog will naturally listen to it when it shouldn't be called. Especially at night, dogs are the most sensitive time, and they are vigilant about the surrounding things, so once there is movement, the dog will make a sound. At this time, if you check the situation, it is safe. If you want to stop barking, you must conduct pre -training and let the dog listen to themselves. You can stop barking by roaring, or you can touch the dog, say something safe to the dog, so that it has a certain sense of security.
    In daily life, it is necessary to train horses to train at an early age. At this time, let the dogs smell something, let the dog have a certain memory of things, and then tell it if it is to be called, and then cannot be called. You can also go to some pet shops to ask how to train dogs, after all, they are professional.

  2. The food induces, the horse dog has no resistance in front of the food. In the usual training, the owner can hold the food in one hand, and the other hand guides the horse dog to do action and shouts export orders.

  3. If the dog owner wants to train the horse dog, you must first establish a good communication relationship with the dog, tease the horses with food, and make it shouting.

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