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  1. Starting from my first puppy, I can say that they chose me among all the dogs raised in my family, not that I chose them.
    dolls, my first bullfighting dog, a dog fighting dog. On the day I met her, her host intends to euthanize her because she was too old to fight and reproduce anymore. I was at the home of the doll. He warned me not to be too close to his bitch, and it was tied to his house. I asked him why, he said she was very mean. Then I asked him why he had a bad dog. Then he told me how he fought with the dog and how to feed them to others, so I was shocked. I resolutely oppose fighting dogs and raising dogs.
    . He went on to say that he was going to kill her that day because she was too old to fight, and could not have children. I asked him why he participated in such a terrible event, fighting dogs. He said for money.
    Then I decided to see if the dog was really mean. I carefully approached it. The closer I was, the more excited it was. She shook her tail and placed her lovely puppy posture. "I want to play posture", the dog's buttocks were tilted in the air, they buried their heads on their claws and shaking their tails at the same time. I looked back at her master and said to him, "She is not malicious." He replied that he was surprised because he had never seen her performance at that moment. As soon as I approached her, she sat on her ass and looked at me with big brown eyes. No roaring, no showing her mean body language. I reached out and touched her head and told her with a calm voice that she was a beautiful girl. She started licking my hands and wrists, and stunned on me. She is so intimate.
    I sat down next to her, she lay down and possip my head on my leg. I am in love. I told her the owner that I did not agree with him to participate in the fighting dog, and I felt that there was no reason to put down the cloth doll. She is very gentle to me and loves me. He shrugged and said, "Then take her home and save me a bullet."
    The I did. Since then, she has lived well. When I took her home, she was six or seven years old. In her rest of her life, she never showed any offensiveness. She has been standing beside me, just like I am always her best friend. She and my children were both cute and naughty when they were together. We were all sad when she died.
    The next dog is a yellow Labrador who will be euthanized. When it is three weeks old, it is bitten by its father because it is too close to its food plate. There was a big abscess on his face, just under his eyes. The breeder showed me her puppy. The only puppy surrounding the big dog was listless and was seriously ill.
    When I saw it, it stood up, walked to me, lying on my feet. I asked the breeder, what happened to the puppy. She told me how it was hurt by his father, and said that the veterinarian was going to euthanize it because its face was injured and infected. She was unwilling to spend money on the puppy and did not want to inject antibiotics for it.
    . She told me that he was not breastfeeding, and she was surprised that he actually stood up and walked to me. I asked if I could give me the puppy. She agreed, and I took him home. I took it to see the veterinarian, performed surgery, and took antibiotics. It took a year to fully recover. But he is an important member of our family. I called him nose because he sneezed when he breathed.
    The next one choosing my dog ​​is a hybrid variety of dog food and bitch. I went to the local dog shelter to adopt a dog. Among all the dogs there, Carrie is the only calm dog that will not bark. She was in the dog house. When I walked, she walked down in front of the dog house and looked at me with the cutest big eyes. I put my hand beside the dog's nest, and it started licking me. I asked to let her out and see how her performance. When she was taken out, she walked straight at me, sat next to me, and looked up at me. She is calm. I picked her up, and she kissed gently on my chin. I have to marry her, and I fall in love with her again. She is so cute and cute.
    . She and my children live a happy life. When I took her home, she was only six months old. Before she died, she lived with us for 12 years. She showed a kind attitude towards anyone.
    The other dog I adopted was a 4 -week big bitch. The piglet is one of the eleven pigs. Her bitch has stopped feeding the cub, and the owner of the dog is taking out a large pot of food and milk to feed all the eleven cubs. The piglets are the shortest. Other cubs are squeezing it out, which is much smaller than other cubs.
    This son picked up the biggest puppy and said, "Let's catch this." The pig ran over and sat on my shoes, bit my shoelaces, and looked at me with my eyes. ,

  2. Dogs choose the owner to look at 2 points, temper and personality. If the owner has a good temper and a good personality, dogs will like it very much.

  3. Dogs choose the master through the ability of the smell. It is particularly small smell. It can also be distinguished. He likes you and will remember your taste.

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