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  1. Step class:
    The steps to train pet dogs to go to the toilet are as follows:
    1. When the dog turns around on the ground, it means that the dog is looking for a place or peeing at the beginning. At this time, you should immediately hold the dog to the "toilet". Note that it must be before the dog did not squat. If the dog has squatted, then you should not move it anymore, avoid some impact on the dog's body
    2. When a dog's poop or urinate is wrong, you put the dog's stool or pelvic (sucking) to the newspaper, then put the newspaper on the "toilet" in front of the dog, and then take the dog to the toilet, tell the dog to tell In the future, it should be urinophe or urinate here, and finally remove the smell of the original place with disinfection water
    3. Regarding the induction agent, netizens are not well evaluated, so it is not recommended. If there is really no time to train the dog, it is not possible to try it.
    4. This set of training methods were experimented with a netizen. After 1 week, their dogs basically learned to urinate fixedly.

  2. How to teach dogs to go to the toilet?
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  3. After the dog wakes up in the morning, it will usually excrete (including urine and poop), so you can see that the dog wakes up, and take him to the place where you want him to go to the toilet and let him stay there for a while, and At the same time, you need to use a special tone to say "fast" to the dog. There are a lot of puppy excretion, and most of them like to let them go to the toilet in the urine pad or newspaper. Some dogs will use diapers, but some hate this stuff very much. The dog's dog will tear the urine pad to shatter. I finally chose the newspaper.
    At the beginning, the dog did not know that the newspaper was for him to excrete it, so he used the newspaper to suck its urine, and then put this one who took the urine to many newspapers (about 7, 8). At the top, don't throw it off first. When you see the dogs smell everywhere next time, you will hold him in time and put him on the newspaper. He will smell the newspaper that has been done. He ran out and grabbed him back on the newspaper.
    All you have to do after you see if you see the dog going to the toilet (smell everywhere) or in the toilet (in an incorrect place), you must pick him up immediately and put him in On the newspaper. Every day, a newspaper with his excrement is placed on the paved newspaper. Generally, a few days later, the dog knows that it will be solved in the newspaper. After he is familiar, congratulations, the first step will be successful. You can put a clean newspaper every day, because the dog knows the smell of smelling the newspaper to go to the toilet.
    The next step is relatively simple, you have to slowly reduce the size of the newspaper (it can be changed from two newspapers to a newspaper size, and then it becomes half -piece. Move slowly towards the door or toilet. After the dog is used to the toilet at the newspaper at the door or toilet, you can take the newspaper away. When the dog wants to go to the toilet

  4. The precautions for the fixed -point urination of dogs are as follows:
    1. First prepare the dog toilet, fixed the location, so that the dog can get used to it and remember it to go to the toilet.
    2. Patiently guide the toilet, avoid violence, and start training and guidance from the cub.
    3, reward after the stool, strengthen the impression, and let it remember the benefits of the correct toilet.
    4. If the dog urinate outside the dog toilet, clean it right away.
    5, each time you open the cage (remember, every time), directly hold the dog to the dog toilet in the fence. Dog row. If there is no bowel movement for more than ten minutes, it means that the dog does not urinate or shit at this time. Put the dog back to the cage or tease the dog.

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