2 thoughts on “I like pet dogs, how can I make my pet dog the most obedient!”

  1. 10 small ways that make dogs obedient

    (1) The purpose of training is to "teach", not "scolding". The best way is to compliment and touch it frequently, so that the dog understands the happy mood of the owner.

    (2) The password should be clear -in order to let the dog understand and remember, the password is best used in the training during training, and it is not advisable to say repeatedly. When issuing an order, avoid loud atmosphere or anger. Because the dog is very sensitive, the above method will gradually link the dog to scold and train. In addition, the same password should use different tones for dogs with different temperament. For example, the same "squatting", the nerve -quality dogs should be gentle or hearty to order it, and the lively dogs are loudly or disappointed, and the breeder should choose different ways according to the character of his dog.

    (3) Avoid excess praise -the praise of the dog is limited to the dog's very obedient. If you praise the dog without moving, it will make it confused, and it does not know when to be praised. In this way, the key training is difficult to go on.

    (4) Correcting should be timely -when the dog is preparing to do "not to do", it should stop it loud and decisively. If you come to reprimand it afterwards, the dog will not understand the reason and will continue to do those "unable to do". What's more serious is that in the case of unknown reasons, it is often reprimanded, and the dog will gradually have a sense of unfairness to the owner and become no longer listening to the owner's order.

    (5) To prevent physical punishment -the method of forceing the dog by corporal punishment is the most important way. Like any animal, the dog is very alert to people. From the perspective of the dog's standpoint, the beating and kicking of unknown reasons can only cause the impression of "abuse". If you are a very powerful master, the dog may obey because of fear. However, there are extremely insecure dogs that grow in this environment, and sometimes children or elderly people with weak attacks, and even dangerous incidents that bite people. Therefore, while the dog does not obey the command, while ordering loudly, with a water gun, shoot at the dog's face, and most of the dogs will calm down.

    (6) Training anytime, anywhere -training is not subject to time limit. In some daily life such as walking, eating, and visitors, you should patiently teach dogs which are "doing" and which are "not doing".

    (7) Never give up -Dogs are not animals that can be remembered and processed immediately. It needs to gradually form memory in the process of constant training. Therefore, the breeder is required to be patient and constantly train it.

    (8) Cultivate adaptability -Dogs often avoid, or bark at it, or simply destroy it. This sometimes causes great trouble to the owner. In this case, we must first have patience, and we must not be anxious, let the dogs slowly approach what it doesn't like, and at the same time, keep talking to it with a gentle voice and calm it down. If you scold the dog at this time, it will make the dog hiding farther. In addition, let the dog stay away from the breeding method of what it doesn't like and the place can only increase the distress of the breeder, and the breeder is helpless.

    (9) Do not compare with other dogs -the ability of dogs is different. Therefore, it is necessary to take the speed that is compatible with it to train. The dog's dog enlightenment is really poor. " Be confident in your own dogs.

    (10) Consultation to experts -During the training process, if you encounter any difficult problems, please consult an expert or veterinarian at any time.

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