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  1. There are regulations in raising dogs in our country, especially when raising pet dogs in the city. Before raising dogs, we must first give them a dog -raising certificate. Just like a certificate, it means that you are legal. His vaccine, etc., are necessary for these regulations, otherwise we can complain
    12369 is a hotline for environmental protection. According to the "Measures for the Management of Environmental Protection Hotline Hotline Work" of the Ministry of Environmental Protection of the People's Republic of China. Citizens, legal persons, or other organizations report environmental protection authorities at all levels to report environmental pollution or ecological destruction by calling the environmental protection authorities at all levels. Ask the competent environmental protection department to deal with the people in accordance with the law, and in daily life to raise dog noise and other disturbances, residents can go to the environmental protection department to complain. After receiving a complaint, the environmental protection department monitor the source of noise pollution. In the environmental protection department, the unit that can discharge the noise be punished according to law, and the unit and individual who is disturbed by the phenomenon of the dog noise shall have the right to ask the owner to eliminate the harm. 》 Article 58 stipulates that: violations of the laws and regulations on the prevention and control of social life noise pollution, creating noise to interfere with the normal life of others, and the penalty of 200 yuan or less than 500 yuan after warning.

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