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  1. The small dog varieties that can be seen are as follows: Bear, silver fox dogs, deer dogs, Jingba dogs, Big dogs, Malzis dogs, natal dogs, teddy dogs, Chihuahua, butterfly dogs, Bomei dogs, France, France, France, France, France, France Bullfighting dogs, Xishi dogs, Xigao dogs, Yorkshire, Sherry dogs, tea cup dogs, etc. all belong to small dogs. These dogs are very lively, and they are very pleasing to the owner.
    Prely popular small dog varieties are: poodles, Bichon, Chihuahua, deer dogs, natal dogs, Pomeranian dogs, Jingba dogs, Malzis dogs, Yorkshire dogs, Xishi dogs, etc. They are not very serious, and they also belong to the variety of hair loss, and their personalities are very lively and smooth. They have their own shapes and are very cute. Most of them are very sticky, and they eat less. They do not need a lot of sports space and time. This small dog breed is very suitable for breeding as a family partner dog.
    For the first time, the small body breed has the following attention: First of all, this type of small body dog ​​is more delicate, the puppies are weak and easy to get sick. resistance. Secondly, immune and deworming internal and external internal and external internal and external deworming need to be used to prevent and reduce the chances of diseases.

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