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  1. Many Baba Ma Ma will have such trouble. Is my dog ​​healthy? A qualified owner should discover some abnormal manifestations of the dog in time, and can find the disease early to help the dog reduce the pain as early as possible. Ten minutes of physical examination is the first guarantee for dog health. Little E teaches you how to do a simple physical examination for dogs at home. You can judge whether you are a qualified owner based on your own score.

    In step -by -step reading mode
    The operation method
    1. Observe the dog's mental state and walking gait.
    The mental weakness, weakness and weakness, slow movement, drooping at the tail (5 points)
    This full of energy, no vitality, walking abnormal (3 points)

    2. Observe the eyes and eyes
    The eyes are clear and bright (5 points)
    too many tears and eye feces (3 points)
    (1 point)
    3. Observe the nose.
    Except for sleeping and waking up when I just wake up, it is cold and wet (5 points)
    The nose hot dry (3 points)
    The nose is runny nose (1 point)
    4, open the dog's mouth and check the teeth and oral cavity.
    The mucous membranes in the mouth are pink (5 points)
    This yellow, bad breath (3 points)
    This is dark red or dark red (1 point)
    5,,,,,,, Observe the ear canal.
    The ear of the ear is clean and without odor (5 points)
    This push in the ear canal (3 points)
    earwax accumulation, ear odor (1 point)
    6, persistence Comb hair, carefully observe the skin condition
    The hair is dense and healthy (5 points)
    The dandruff drop, more dandruff (3 points)
    R n07
    7, please pay attention to observe the color and state of the dog's stool.
    The stool is cylindrical, yellow (5 points)
    . The stool is soft, yellow (3 points)
    The stool is thin, other colors (1 point)
    Do you have: a healthy pet, a loving owner? See how much score is
    29-35 points. Love pets are better than loving yourself. He is a good and qualified master.
    15-29 points, maybe you love pets, but you don't love it, a pet owner.
    7-15 points, pets are just toys in your life. If you break it, you can throw it away.

  2. 判断狗狗健康看耳朵,健康的狗狗听力正常;看眼睛,健康的狗狗视力正常;看鼻子,健康的狗狗鼻子应该是湿润的;看口腔,牙龈粉红代表狗狗很健康;看皮毛, A healthy dog's hair is shiny.

  3. To know if the dog is healthy, it depends on whether his nose is wet. If it is a moist dog, it is healthy. If the dog's nose is dry, this dog may have problems.

  4. As long as he knows that the dog is healthy, he wants to be the same as people. He will not be mentally ill when he gets sick, so he can see that he is sick.

  5. If the dog's spirit is always bad and the appetite is not good, it may be sick; in addition, when looking at the dog's tongue, the general dog's tongue is red. If the dog's tongue is white, the hair may be uncomfortable; Dogs' anus are generally clean, if not clean, there may be problems.

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