5 thoughts on “What should I do if my dog ​​is sick or not?”

  1. First, arrange an environment suitable for rest:

    The sick dogs need more rest like sick people, so we should first prepare a place where it feels comfortable and assured. Of course, it is the best place to sleep, but if your dog originally likes to sleep everywhere, you can take a piece of clothes with your taste or the cushion it usually likes to lie, or it can I like toys that I like and arrange a rest corner to the dog. These things will also make the dog feel at ease and rest down.

    . The sufficient drinking water

    It is where the dogs reach, there must be sufficient clean drinking water. If some dogs do not like to drink water, it is recommended that you send water to it to encourage it to drink water. You can even use a needle tube to suck water and pour the dog from the teeth. Water can promote harmful substances in the body. For dogs that have been eating well, you can drink some glucose water or chicken soup for it to increase your physical strength.

    three. Promote appetite.

    In the way to let the dog eat more and promote appetite. Eat less meals every day and eat some digestive things. During this time, you can not insist on letting dogs eat dog food only. Rice or steamed buns are better than dog food. Put some chicken or chicken soup appropriately to make the rice smell more fragrant and promote the dog's appetite. Because the dog's taste is not good, it feels that things are delicious, to a large extent depending on the nose, it is more important for the dog to smell more fragrant than eating.

    . Proper exercise

    If people always have diseases in the house, they will not go out, the mental state will be very bad, as well as the dog. When it can move a small amount, it should take it out of the outdoors to scatter it and exercise appropriately. There are many benefits to doing this: 1. Solving the problem of dog urination; 2. Let the dog breathe the fresh air and exercise the body; The role of the agent allows dogs to have a desire to restore health.

    5. Small problems that cannot be ignored

    1. Sworing the hair of the dog: During the sick period, the dog's hair will become dry, messy and lustrous. It is not too late to supplement it to supplement it, and it is not too late to wait for its body to recover. However, for long -haired dogs, you should also pay attention to combing during the illness. On the one hand, you can promote blood circulation. In addition, you can also find out whether there are skin problems and a large amount of hair removal.

    . For dogs that are often lying, they must be artificially helping dogs change their posture and prevent bedsores.

    3. Assistance exercise: If the dog wants to work hard to go to the toilet, and it is unable to walk, you can use a towel to pass through the belly. When the dog wants to stand up, lift the towel and help the dog Dogs walk.

    4. Caring and caressing: Try to care about the dog as much as possible during the dog's disease and massage it to the body, which can not only help the body's blood circulation, but also make the dog feel at ease. Good soothing effect.

  2. It is recommended to take the dog to the hospital in time. If you do n’t eat it, you can buy a dog canned meat for a dog. If the dog is willing to eat, it should be a picky eaters. There is no big problem! If the dog does not eat it, it may be a gastrointestinal dysfunction or a cooling weather, and the spirit and loss of appetite caused by seasonal conversion. You can use gastrointestinal treasure to feed the dog for several days to condition. Can promote appetite and regulate gastrointestinal function!

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Dogs that do not want to eat after illness are normal physiological reactions. You can help the dog eat through the following methods: first, soak the dog food with warm goat milk and feed the dog; second, Cook a little green porridge without seasoning, and then mix some dogs that dogs love to stimulate the taste of the dog; third, if the dog is still unwilling to eat, then you need to take the dog to the pet hospital to hang Water supplements physical strength, while treating dog diseases as soon as possible.

  4. Dogs do n’t eat because their stomach is uncomfortable. Do n’t feed the water first. This can only be a burden of increasing. In the past, my dog ​​was the same. The dog plague that will be delayed, and you'd better not think that the medicine we eat can be used on them. It is absolutely not allowed. This will kill them. It is not serious about hurrying to treat the treatment.

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