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  1. 1. Bagu dog
    lazy and not like, especially like sleeping during the day, ugly and ugly, they are very popular.
    2. Although the mini Sherry is also a small dog, they are unexpectedly unwilling and like to surround the owner. Especially when he was young, if there was no one beside him, Sherry would be anxiously "whine." It doesn't mean that Sherry will not bark, it is relatively small. Don't look at them very old in the photos, but real life is quite cute.
    3. Labrado
    Labrador is one of the favorite pet dogs for urban people, because Labrado's smart and cute, loyalty and darker. Moreover, Labrador's loyalty, atmosphere, thick, gentle, sunshine, cheerful, lively, high IQ, and very friendly to people.
    4. Golden Mao Hunting Dog
    Golden retriever is a variety of dogs that are more modern and popular. It is well -proportioned, powerful, lively, friendly, personality enthusiasm, alert, self -confidence and not afraid of life. It is also a loyal and friendly family friend, and can also be trained as an excellent guide dog. It is not very difficult to raise a golden retriever. Although I like sports, it is not as energetic as Husky; although it is necessary to comb in combing, it is not as troublesome as Gu Mu. Adults can be controlled.
    5. Samoyed
    Samoyed has a very eye -catching appearance: white quilt, smiling face and black and smart eyes, which are the most beautiful type of dogs now. Samoyed, who is known as the angel smile dog, is very strong, fast, and is an excellent guard dog, but it is gentle and friendly. He never creates trouble, but can maintain his position. Samoyed is naturally smart and is absolutely loyal to the owner.

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