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  1. Pets suitable for students under 100 yuan
    100 yuan for pets suitable for students raised. In fact, many people in life will pay attention to the content of pets. There is a big difference. The following is a pet that is suitable for students under 100 yuan for students.
    The pets below 100 yuan are suitable for students. 1. Rabbit
    Rabbit is one of the very popular pets. The appearance is furry, especially soft and cute, and it is softened. Ordinary rabbits can be bought at tens of yuan. They are small in size and will not take up a lot of space, and rabbits are rarely screamed. Usually they will not make a big sound. The rabbits are very smart. Generally, they can learn to go to the toilet. Too much trouble to clean up their feces and save a lot of trouble.
    2. Hedgehog
    The hedgehog is a relatively unique pet. Their life span is generally about 3-9 years. If you raise it, you can accompany you as a whole student. Ordinary hedgehogs can be won within 100 yuan. The little hedgehog is very cute, and their temperament is docile and a little timid. Be careful not to keep it in a noisy place, so as not to be frightened.

    3. Goldfish
    Golden fish is also very suitable for the small pet of the student party, and it can be bought in more than a dozen pieces. It is very cheap. If you want to keep it in the bedroom, you can choose a smaller body shape. The variety can be kept in a small water tank. Goldfish is very ornamental, which can bring a beautiful visual experience. It is also very good to feel a little guy with himself.
    4. Squirrels
    M squirrel can also be raised as pets. Their price range is relatively wide, ranging from more than ten yuan to thousands of yuan. The squirrel has a furry tail very beautiful, and it looks very cute to bite things, and the personality of the personality, the student party can also be raised. Pay attention to cleaning the cage frequently, otherwise it will have a great taste.
    100 yuan Pets suitable for students 2 suitable for students to support students must meet the following points:
    . The size of small volume does not occupy local
    For living students, the dormitory is resting There are also many dormitories that do not allow pets in the place of learning, so if you want to secretly feed a small pet, you can only choose a smaller one, which is convenient for hiding and resettlement.
    2. Quiet and noisy
    The dormitory is public places. If it is too noisy, it will definitely interfere with others, so you must choose a small pet with a quiet and well -behaved sound.

    3. Clean and odorless
    If the dormitory is not hygienic due to pets, small pets must be expelled, so you must also choose a clean and odorless little guy to pass smoothly through smoothly. Each dormitory sanitary examination.
    4. Her vitality and good health
    The student party who wants to learn and play with play with love does not have much time and energy to take care of the pets, so you can not raise "coquettish" pets when choosing pets. Be sure to choose a strong and resistant pet to become your friends.
    5. Economic affordable does not make money
    The students are not recommended to save money from living expenses. It is used to feed small pets. Choose some economically affordable pets.
    So what are the above points in accordance with the above points? What pet is suitable for the student party? Patwang recommends 5 kinds of:

    What pets are suitable for the student party
    1. Totoro
    If it is a fan of Hayao Miyazaki, you must have a longing for My Neighbor Totoro, Its furry appearance, nagging look, is effortless to raise, whether it is a small cage or a plastic box, it can become its place of residence. Totoro's temperament is docile, and he will not bite people. It is a good baby.
    how much does My Neighbor T owner?
    The ordinary gray cats are about 500 yuan, and the gray Totoro with a slightly pure color is 800 ~ 1,000 yuan, and the pure white or pure black is more than 5,000 yuan.
    Over and how much does it cost to raise my chinchillas a month?
    The places to feed My Neighbor Totoro mainly include food, grass, bath sand, snacks, and daily necessities. If you buy hundreds of pieces of Totoro, the whole set of equipment is about 1,000 yuan. It is enough for tens of yuan to 100 yuan for monthly feeding.
    Hawa chinchilla life?
    Totoro can usually live for 15-20 years. If you want to have a small pet that can accompany a long -term, Totoro is also a good choice.
    2. Dutch pigs

    The Dutch pigs are actually guinea pigs. The price is very cheap. Generally, two or thirty yuan, you can also buy it online. It is generally necessary to feed when feeding, otherwise it is not easy to feed. So how much do you need to raise Dutch pigs?
    Cage: The price of the cage is really large, and there are ten yuan, twenty yuan, and one hundred thousand yuan. This depends on the owner's own choice.
    This basin: The price is around 20 yuan.
    This water heater: Within ten yuan for cheap water heater, hundreds of dollars are more expensive.
    The grass plate, straw frame: tools used to place pasture, do ten yuan.
    : It is used to put it at the bottom of the cage.
    The pork nest: plastic, wood, ceramics, and cotton pads have their own thousands of autumn, and the prices are also more than ten yuan to hundreds of yuan.
    Pastriced grass: Cao grass, fruit tree grass, generally 15-30 yuan per catty, about five days a pound, about 6 pounds a month.
    Peor food: Professional Dutch pig food is about 15-20 yuan per catty. Generally, 20 grams of feeding a day can be eaten for one month.
    3. Brazilian turtle
    The price of Brazilian turtles generally does not exceed 10 yuan. You can feed the fish tank and plastic box. The price of turtle food is also very cheap. Basic students' feeding costs of Brazilian turtles can afford it.

    4. African mini hedgehogs
    The African mini hedgehogs are between 3 and 9 years, and they are also small pets that can accompany the students. Pure -breed African mini hedgehogs are more than 1,000 yuan, while you can buy between 200 and 500 yuan with ordinary hedgehogs.
    Over and how much is the African mini hedgehog in one month? Generally, it costs food, urine pads, and tofu cat sand. Food is generally less than 50 yuan a month. A pack of urine pads can also be used for several months. A bag is enough for a month.

    5. Goldfish
    The poverty and richness of goldfish is still very different. If you just want to raise a small pet to accompany yourself, then you can start to raise pets in more than a dozen yuan Goldfish. If you want to raise or see fish, from the fish tank, waterweed, landscape, the variety and color of goldfish, let's talk about how to raise goldfish.
    The 6 dogs that are suitable for students under 100 yuan are both cheap and easy to feed, so that pet shops will not recommend it to you!
    NO.1 Chinese pastoral dogs
    Price: less than 100 yuan, even free
    The Chinese garden dogs are Chinese dogs, a very common dog It is also very cheap, and can own it without money.

    "good constitution, not easy to get sick", "strong adaptability, good survivability", "high IQ, loyalty and spirituality".
    "Do not eat incense", "easy barking".
    NO.2 sausage dogs
    Price: 500-1200 yuan
    The sausage dogs are native to Germany, a short-legged, long-body hound, shaking when walking, it is very Hom and cute.

    "natural independence and autonomy", "easy to feed", "command of the owner will quickly understand and obey".
    "big temper", "easy to fat", "do not eat incense".
    o.3 Pastea
    Price: 500-1500 yuan
    Pabaga is also a local dog in my country. It is a considerate and lovely small dog. The face was full of folds, and with big eyes, it looked pitiful.

    "friendly to people, no aggressiveness", "good temper".
    "Great Activities", "Inamidity to resistance, easy heatstroke", "easy to breathe difficulty, avoid intense exercise".
    o.4 Jingba dog
    Price: 800-2000 yuan
    Jingba dogs are also known as "Chinese lion dogs", "court lion dogs", etc., which are small play dogs from ancient Chinese courts. , Homorphism is strong, and loves to be close to others.

    "Passion for people, friendliness", "no special dietary requirements, good feeding", "smart, human nature".
    "Infinitive, difficult to breathe", "poor constitution".
    o.5 Teddy
    Price: 600-1500 yuan
    Teddy is just a cosmetic way of poodles, also known as "rolling dogs". It is currently a dog breed that many people love One is cute and lively.

    "can be active everywhere", "light, not hair loss", "smart and easy training".
    "Dog Fighting", "Heavy Mind", "Like Riding", "Poor Stomach".
    o.6 Golden Retriever
    Price: 1000-2000 yuan
    Golden retriever was originally produced in the UK. It is one of the most common home dogs. So feeding, pets will not be recommended for you!

    "friendly, enthusiasm", "not picky food, good feeding", "humanity".
    "Easy to drop hair", "Too enthusiastic".
    It the problem of a large amount of hair loss of golden retriever, the pet owner can be solved, because most of the serious cause of the golden hair is because the diet is too salty, so it is best to choose a low -salt, deep -sea fish oil -containing oil oil, which contains deep -sea fish oil. Dog food is given to it.

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