1 thought on “Where is Jinan Dog City? I want to buy only Labrador”

  1. The Phoenix Mountain Market that Bidshan only has weekly morning, belongs to the market, and there are still many good dogs. If you know how to do it, you can go to see it. Many dogs will go to that market on Sunday. The interior is sold all year round, but now it is disassembled, and the large pet market is under construction. Take 101 to the Grand View Garden, and then pour 5 to the Greenland Supermarket. I don’t know if there is a direct car.
    , To go north to the north, the river by the river (happy time KTV to the south), there is a pet market. On the second floor, the dog is more pure, you have to count the price, otherwise you may spend more money. You can go and see. Sit 101 to run the north gate of Tunquan, and then walk over.
    The Yorkxia in my family was bought from the family. This dog was a dog who went to Beijing. Knowing that this person will also go to Dajinzhuang and Phoenix Mountain to sell dogs, so there are still good dogs.

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