5 thoughts on “If you raise pets, you will inevitably have odor and pet feces at home. How to solve it?”

  1. When fostering pets, there will be some odor and pet feces in the home. This will make the whole family look dirty and make guests uncomfortable. Especially some large dogs, such as the taste of golden retriever. Therefore, the owner should take a pet to the pet shop once a week to take a shower, so as to keep the pet clean. And every day, we need to clean up, clean the hair on the furniture, and then let the sweeper sweep the entire home. During the day, windows should be opened and do not always close the doors and windows. The owner can also put the cat litter or a dog sand pot on the balcony and do not place it in the living room or bedroom.
    The daily cleanup and good hygiene.
    If you are a lazy person, it is best not to keep pets, because pets are also dirty, and you will be more and more dirty by you, making your entire home very smelly. Therefore, diligent people can raise pets better, and they will not make their homes dirty. After you have a pet, the pet will lose hair, so you often comb the pets and take a bath for pets. If you are small in your home, you can also take a pet to take a bath, which is more convenient. You should also wipe the furniture again, and change the sheets and the cover.
    This to pull the pets on the balcony or bathroom.
    Pets also need to eat and sleep and pull, so you can put these things on the balcony, so that you will not make the home odor. The balcony also needs to open the window frequently in order to keep the air circulation without allowing the odor to float at home. You can also buy some air cleaner, and then you can smell the family more well. As long as the owner can do these two points, the odor appears in the house will not be so much, so the owner must work hard, after all, pets are similar to children.
    Is when raising some large pet dogs, the owner must take a bath regularly, otherwise the dog's experience will be particularly heavy.

  2. The owner often drives the objects to take a bath to keep the animal clean, and the home must also be cleaned. Usually, pay attention to ventilation indoor, put the cat's cat nest and cat sand pot on the balcony, and make good hygiene cleaning.

  3. The hygiene at home must be cleaned in time, pets should take a bath regularly, pet products must be cleaned for a while, disinfection, and take him out of the corner in time to solve the problem of pet excretion.

  4. You can buy an air fresh agent, so that you can solve this problem well every day, you should open the windows to ventilate, so that it will not make the home very unpleasant.

  5. Perhaps some aromatherapy, or regularly clean up, or put some activated carbon, which may dispose of the environment of punishment.

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