4 thoughts on “Many people now have dogs, so what dog food is good for Turkish dogs?”

  1. Many people have dogs now. Of course, there are some small and cute pet dogs, and some unknown local dogs. Pets are full of dog food in the market and have a lot of choices. In some rural areas, they are not dog food, but rice and vegetables that humans eat. In fact, whether it is an authentic pet dog or some unknown dogs, dog food should be fed. So do you know what kind of dog food should home dog eat?

    What dog food for soil dogs
    The can be roughly divided into two types, one is commercially available food, which is easier to fill the stomach, but there is not much nutritional nutrition, but there is not much nutritional nutrition Essence The other is natural food, which not only fills the stomach, but also has a very high nutritional value. Due to the dog's special digestive system, the ingredients of dog food should contain high protein and low carbohydrates. If you want to say what kind of dog food is best, it naturally contains the nutrition that dogs must have during the growth process. Ginger -green garlic, onion, pepper and other irritating foods do not need to be eaten for dogs. Such foods can stimulate the dog's stomach and stomach, but also increase the burden on the liver and cause problems such as sorrow, anemia, vomiting, and difficulty in breathing. The bones that can be broken, such as chicken bones, may pierce the dog's throat; or cut the dog's mouth, esophageal, stomach or intestine.
    The dog food on the market is mostly suitable for dogs, and there are many good dog food brands, so even local dogs, as long as you know its approximate size, you can choose dog food that is more suitable for it in the market in the market. Essence food. Dogs of different sizes still need to be fed with different brands. Nutritional ingredients are roughly the same, but there are still some slight differences. In fact, no matter which dog is, there is no dog food that is most suitable for them. As long as it is suitable, you can feed the dogs.
    The brands of dog food now, such as Baolu, Royal, Desire, New Year, etc. are relatively well -known big brands. According to the dog's body type, you can choose one of these brands that are suitable for your dog. You don't have to worry about which brand is better, because even less high -end brands will still have a good reputation. For the native dog, the most expensive one is not necessarily the best. First, make sure that the brand you trust then choose the right dog food for the native dogs.

  2. Many people now have dogs, so it is recommended to choose high -protein, low -carbon water dog food, and meat -based dog food.

  3. Turkey can eat wheat dog food, which happens to be in line with the appetite of the soil dog, and it can make the dog eat very full and grow taller.

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