5 thoughts on “How to safely raise dogs in the city?”

  1. To raise dogs safely in the city's home, first of all, you have to look at what is dangerous or things that will be dangerous to the dog life in your home. If you are in a high -rise building, close the doors and windows. OK, or tie the dog.

  2. Pay attention to the wires at home. To ensure that there are no exposed wires in the home, the wires connected to the electrical appliances are best to break the power supply when the owner goes out and sleeps. Prevent the wires when the puppy is bored.
    Best feeding: Before the vaccine is finished, do not go out, do not take a bath, you can scrub it with dry cleaning powder, let alone feed things, prepare darlings of Xiangsheng Bacteria and Weishi to dispel tablets. You can feed the time.

  3. I also prefer dogs, so I want to share my suggestions with everyone. In fact, safety is that the behavior of dogs is more docile. At least it will not cause great harm to people. The problems encountered by Dogs Pulling Baba are the most headache. You can fix it every day to pull it out or set it at home with a place to make the dog fixed. It is estimated that the water is about to cause a flood at home. Third, it must be remembered that the dog will be removed in summer, and it can give it hair removal in advance. Otherwise, it will automatically fall off at home.

  4. First of all, it is not recommended to raise a large dog. It is good to raise a small one like Teddy. There are a few points that I think must be done. First, there must be a dog cage at home, so as to prevent the owner from dismantling the dog when the owner is not at home, and you can also be bitten by a dog. Second, walking the dog must have a rope to prevent running around. Third, give the dogs on time.

  5. Because I have liked dogs since I was a child, and the dormitory did not allow raising in college, the first thing after graduation was to raise a puppy.
    This dogs must hide the data cables and wires, and do not let the water be too close to the water, so as not to cause the dog to hit the fire. My golden retriever is on my socket. The motherboard of my apple mobile phone is burned, so be sure to pay attention to this problem.

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