1 thought on “Funing's pet shop has hamsters selling hamsters”

  1. Flowers, birds, fish and insect pet shops have hamsters, but I do not recommend buying in flower and bird pet shops. On the one hand, it is not guaranteed to be healthy. On the other hand, the rats growing up in flower and bird pet shops are not good. I recommend buying rat friends to breed at home. You can go to the hamster to wait for a look. There are a lot of mouse friends who are healthy. They will be close to others soon. After all, the little hamster can accompany you with you For a long time, it is not a good thing to take back the treasure that has been sick or often bite people.

    It you can go to the hamster in the recent city. There are many people who have mice in it, and their loved ones are healthy. There are also free delivery.
    The courier or self -lifting is no problem. A small box is covered with pads and food to leave a pores.

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