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  1. Small pet dog rankings
    1 Chihua doll and Chihua doll belong to small play dogs, with a body height of 15-23 cm and weighing about 1-3 kg. Chihuahua is loyal to the owner, strong dependence, bravery, clever, curious, very strong and tough, and very brave.
    2 Teddy Dog Teddy is one of the famous pet dog varieties. The eyes are round and high, have a good personality, very good police, and have a better temper. IQ is the second in dog species.
    3 Corgi dog Corgi is a small pet dog that is very suitable for children. The corners of the eyes are new, the mouth and nose are compact, the hair is moderate, and the legs are the biggest feature. Essence
    The origin of the 4 Biens Big Barbers is in the Mediterranean region. The white curls of Mao Huan's curious eyes are very aura.
    5 Bagu Dog Bagu is native to China and is not easy to train. After all, they are too lazy to exercise and are suitable for raising in apartments.
    6 Jingba dog Jingba dogs are also called "court lion dogs". One of the ancient Chinese dog species, looks like a lion, is named after it looks like a lion. Generally, it is an ornamental dog raised in the court.
    7 mini Sherry mini Sherry is cheerful, approachable, and easy to take care of. At present, it is mostly used as a family play dog.
    8 Pomeranian Pomeranian is a fox dog in Germany. Because it looks like a little squirrel, it is generally called a squirrel dog.
    9 Mini Dusso mini Doberstin originated from Germany, with short hair, close to the body, petite body, strong body, standing up with your head when walking, like to play freely, and the hair sorting is relatively simple.
    10 Little deer dogs are native to Germany, with slender figure and clever expression. With wet eyes, the hair is short and shiny, the hair color is dark brown and yellow -brown.

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  2. Sherry, Yorkshine, Schthis dogs, etc.
    Sto small dogs are the most loved varieties of playing dogs. They weigh no more than 4 kg and their bodies are less than 25 cm. When they go out, they can be accompanied by the outside. When they fall asleep, they can sleep with the owner. Because of their small shape, they have the beauty of "sleeve dogs" and "pocket dogs". The most famous varieties are Chihuahua, Yorkshit, Bomei and so on. The feeding management of such dogs should be particularly detailed, and the requirements for tuning and training are not high.
    Wang Xing, the smallest body in the world, is a Chihuahua. This kind of dog has a small body shape and is slightly stubborn and strong.

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