What to do if the dog's skin is allergic and itching? How to solve? Itching of dog skin can be solved

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  1. Itching of the dog's skin is mainly caused by hair removal and parasites. The owner needs to wipe the dog's hair removal place every day. It is critical to take a shower to the dogs in time. Itching of dog skin or because the dog is allergic to fungal skin because the dog is removed, then its physical performance is mainly local hair removal and hair breaking. Local bulge, redness, and scabs. If the dog is not very serious, there are only one or two small pieces on the body, so you can try to use club mimazole ointment or a ringworm. Wipe the dog every day. Of course, if the whole body is serious, then it is necessary to go to the hospital for treatment. Essence

    This itching of dog skin or skin allergies caused by fleas, lice and other parasites if the parasites are allergic to fleas, lice and other parasites. Then the pet dog will itchy, and some parasites may be found at the root of the dog's hair. To solve this problem, in addition to treating dog skin diseases, it is also important to eliminate dog parasites. There are many ways to eliminate parasites on pet dogs, such as spraying drugs, bathing dogs, and so on. The effect of removing insects is good.
    Is when the dog's skin itching care In order to notice that the dog's skin is allergic and itching, it is bound to keep scratching and licking the body with your paws and tongue. Note that at this time, you must bring the dog to the Elizabeth circle to prevent it from scratching and licking your body. What's more, after rubbing the pet dog, you must bring the Elizabeth circle to prevent the pet dog from licking the drugs on the body.

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