A dog's birthday in Fuzhou, Fuzhou, is lit with candles on the top of the cake head. How to celebrate the birthday of the puppy?

5 thoughts on “A dog's birthday in Fuzhou, Fuzhou, is lit with candles on the top of the cake head. How to celebrate the birthday of the puppy?”

  1. There is a cute puppy in Fuzhou, Fujian to eat cakes on his birthday, but the top of his head is lit. The owner quickly patted it. If you want to celebrate your birthday to the puppy, you can buy some dog food. The video was actually shot for people. The woman was just to show off how much she loved the dog, and the dog could not eat cake. The cake contains xylitol. If the dog eats too much, it will cause poisoning, causing the consequences to be very bad. Some people really love dogs, but more people hide this love in their hearts. Although they have to have some sense of rituals, they must pay attention to the scale, so let's take a closer look!
    1, Fujian Fuzhou dogs eat cakes on their birthday, and the candles are lit by candles on their head
    This puppy grow very cute, with gray -white white, and the flesh on her face. On the birthday, the owner put it in his arms, and it has always been curious to put on the cake. Because there are candles on the cake, when the puppy wants to lick the cake cream, he accidentally lit the top of his head. It looks very cute. Essence After the family who filmed the video beside him found, the woman quickly reminded the woman. The woman quickly patted the puppy's head with her left hand, and filmed the flames on the puppy's head. Many netizens teased why the puppy was beaten on her birthday.
    , how to celebrate your birthday to puppy? rn可以给小狗准备一些平时不常吃的狗粮,比如说平时买的狗粮都比较平价,在生日那天可以给吃一些更好的东西,还可以买一身漂亮衣服,有很多The clothes are very fashionable. If you are a little bitch, you can buy some beautiful dresses, and then equip a small hat. If it is a puppy, you can buy a suit and the like, just take beautiful photos with the owner. There are many things that puppies can't eat. Don't eat human food to puppy, otherwise the owner will only regret it.
    In short, do not do something that hurts puppies for publicity. If you really love your dog, you should think about it for it.

  2. Many young people will also choose to give their pets a birthday in the process of breeding pets. A master of Fuzhou bought a birthday cake. In the process of eating cakes, two dogs were also ignited by birthday candles. After seeing such behavior, most netizens also felt some incorrect. Generally, under normal circumstances, many dogs' stomachs are fragile, and they cannot eat cakes like food, and they should also remove candles after celebrating their birthdays. If the dog accidentally eats it in the stomach, It will also have adverse effects. It is best to choose foods such as dog snacks or dog food instead of birthday cakes.
    It also when the owner celebrates his birthday, he will choose to buy some canned dogs or chicken breasts and other foods to make the shape of a cake. For dogs, such food is the best, not only It will not hurt the stomach, and it will be more assured in the process of eating these foods. Most of the dog snacks are made according to the physical needs of dogs, and they are also safer in terms of composition, which will not affect high physical health at all. It is best not to put the lit candles next to the dog.
    Because most of the dog's hair is dense, it is easy to be ignited by bright fire, which will cause some damage to the dog's body. People who love dogs are also more careful about dogs, but some common sense still need to understand. After all, different varieties of dogs will also be different in diet. When the dog owner chooses food for his pets, he should also according to the needs of the dog, so as to ensure the nutrition of the dog.
    The method of celebrating the dogs for dogs. As long as the dog can feel the owner's love, the dog will be very happy, and there is no need to go to the whole flower sense of ritual. This is also for dogs. It doesn't make much sense. As long as you can give the dog healthy food and accompany the dog.

  3. I think if you want to celebrate your birthday for puppies, you can prepare some particularly delicious food for him. You can accompany the puppy and give a puppy a little to reward, and he will be very happy.

  4. Many pets who are raised now will treat pets as one of their family members. Give a dog for a dog to reward dogs with a little food, which is the happiest for them.

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