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Where is there a large and formal pet living wholesale market? Seeking a detailed address. Essence Essence I want to open a pet shop and need a variety of famous dog puppies. Essence Essence

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  1. There are both Siping and Anshan. My family sells Bichon dogs. At the same time, I also accept Baowo. My family also has Teddy Bear and Yorkshire. Ensure that dogs are pure breed and ensure health. If the dog appears to spit the disease within seven days, we are responsible.

  2. Generally speaking, as far as I know ... the pet shops and currently are generally divided into two types of
    . One is a professional dog farm store, that is, the owner of the pet shop has already run a professional breeding pet dog The dog farm will also acquire other dog farm for puppy for sales.
    is also a kind of puppy who purchases dog vendors in some small dog fields or private homes from specialized dog vendors for sale and sales. Essence The market for special pet dog wholesale has not been heard so far.

    but knowing a lot of breeding dogs and then buying it for dog vendors or pet shops

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