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  1. There are 20 kinds of common pet dogs
    M common pet dogs 20 species. In real life, many people will have a cute dog when they are flat. Such dogs can accompany us when we are lonely, then the following I will share 20 common pet dogs for everyone.
    M common pet dogs 20 kinds of pet dogs 1 1. Bichon dogs, also known as Barbine dog (even the name is so cute ...) This kind of small dog in the Middle Ages was the noble pet. Essence
    2. The Eskimo Dog: There are such cute dogs in "Nuke in the North". Not only is it cold -resistant but also heat -resistant. It is a affectionate partner dog. If you accompany you, you will feel very warm.
    3. Big white bear: Mild and clever. Strangely, although he is a large dog, he is even more confusing than a small dog.
    4. Chow Chow: Don't think that the fusion of the bears will be very good. They usually disappoint you because they don't like to make people tease.
    5. Husky Dog: The typical personality of the Husky dog ​​is friendly, gentle, alert and likes to communicate. It will not show the strong territorial possessiveness of the guard dog, it will not have too much doubt about strangers, nor will it attack other dogs.
    6. Border Shepherd: This is the world's first smart dog. IQ is equivalent to a 8 -year -old child. Basically, you can learn the smart dogs that you can learn by five instructions. The border shepherd is very friendly to friends and obviously retains strangers, friendly with children.
    He is still a kind of shepherd, he is willing to learn and satisfy it. And thrive in human friendship. It is suitable for living outdoors, and a lot of exercise is required. The border shepherd is not just the best pet dog and partner dog in life, but also a good home -to -home cadre dog in the family.
    7. Japan's silver fox: Japanese silver fox is very strange, very kind to children, but full of vigilance with adults, and they are not friendly to other animals. This kind of dog looks like Bomei and is similar to the fox's face. It is a German hybrid dog (really complicated) in Japan
    8. Santa Bernard Dog: Native to Denmark, it also has a long history in Switzerland. San Bernard is a large dog, with a very docile personality and easy to get close. It is loyal to the owner and likes to be with children. It is suitable for being accompanied by children. It is very tolerant of children. It is easy to train, good at life -saving, and can adapt to the cold climate.

    9. Samoyed: I don't know why so many people have Xiao Sa. I think the little Sa is not suitable for home care. He just likes free sports dogs.
    10. Pomeranian: Pomeranian has gorgeous quilts. Not only does it need to be trimmed regularly, but it must be sorted out every day, which is not suitable for busy people. But as a small dog, Bomei is still a good family partner.
    11. Sali Chinese dog: currently a relatively rare variety. I used to be a dog. Therefore, Saipi's personality is very active, and he will have the temperament of the king. Haha.
    12. Shiba Inu Japanese: Very lens. Shiba Inu has a high popularity in Japan and is a small dog. Personality is gentle and obedient, even dogs that girls like them.
    13. Butterfly puppies: butterfly dogs are very easy to get close, smart, happy, vigilant, friendly. The physical fitness looks stronger and likes outdoor sports. He is very exclusive to the owner and will be jealous of the third party.
    14. Su Mu: Su Mu is extremely wise, excellent, easy to be close, clever and sensitive, and has a good response to gentle obedience training, friendly, willing to please the owner, suitable for careful children. Cheerful and lively personality and strong feelings. Without appropriate social experience, it may be shy or nervous.
    15. US card: Very moving, you have to give him active time often. Moreover, the cats on the ears are easy to knot like scalding, and they need to take care of them frequently.
    16. Mini Sherry: It is Germany again. Typical mini Sherry should be clever, lively, obedient, pilot, brave, obey commands. It is very friendly, smart, happy to please the director, strong, energetic, and credible.
    17. The Malzis dog: Malzis dog, a dog with a very docile character. Short -mouth VIPs (Teddy) are hybridized by Malzis dogs and poodles. You can rest assured to let it play with children. Usually healthy, until the late life is still angry. It can obey to make you dare not believe that he is a dog. The global richest dog with a $ 10 million is the Tymarzis dog. I imagine how much he likes. The ancient Romans also put it in their sleeves and took it out. It shares the same car and the same bed with the owner, and the amount of food is small. It is really a pleasant pet.
    18. Shih Shi Dog: The Shihuto is very similar to the Malta dog, but the hair in the middle of the forehead of the Shih Tzu is white and the tail is also white. Xi Shi dog likes to associate with others, has strong attachment and tolerance, confident, clever, loves children and animals, has a long life span, and can live for about 15 years.
    19. Ancient Mu: Gu Mu's character is gentle and smart, bold and sensitive to be friendly. When he grows up, he doesn't like running around, but he is more naughty when he was a child. Loyal and friendly to people. Excellent qualifications of leadership.
    20, King Charles: Also known as Knight Charlie. This dog is very legendary and has the name of a king. His personality is easy -going, lively and active, performs subtle for love, fun and fun, will not attack people, like a happy little angel.
    M common pet dogs 20 common pet dogs
    1. Big Bear
    is a common small pet dog, because of cute shapes, beautiful and soft hair are loved by people Essence Bichon's personality is very good. Although it is usually sticky, the obedience is still relatively high. In addition, it is very smart, you can learn a lot of small skills, so it is handy in please the host.
    2. Corgi dog
    Xiao Corki's appearance is really healed. He is born with a smiley face and is friendly to people. Bring a lot of joyful dogs. No dogs such as Teddy and Bear, such as Teddy, you need to go to a beauty shop to take care of the good -looking hairstyles. The owner helps it regularly. Eat some dog food that can be beautiful. It will be more beautiful.

    3. Mini Sherry
    Xuenarian's living spirit can be a dog who can act as a door -to -see dog. If you are jealous, your temper will be very strong, and you may also lose your temper to the owner. The owner should interact more with it, increase trust and intimacy, and coax it when you are angry. A little delicious goat cheese dog snack is a good choice.
    4. Border Shepherd
    The edge shepherds become a dog that many people will choose because of high IQ and good execution. After breeding, you will be very worry -free in terms of training. Basically, you can learn what you have learned for a few days. Usually, when you are obedient, you will be able to do so well. But if the owner he wants does not give it, it will secretly make trouble, or secretly take it by himself. Anyway, the owner will steal it if he does not stole it.
    5. Husky
    The second -hasty and the border herd above are completely comparison. Husky is a type that will be found in stealing. Small, and he loved the evil dog first, the owner scolded it two words, and he cried up wronged. However, because of the timidity, some of the orders of the owner dare not listen, scared that they were afraid to die twice, that is, the representative player who changed the IQ with the face value.
    S common pet dogs for common pet dogs
    Eskimo dog
    is a positive and diligent working dog in the severe cold area. Human beings live in the Arctic Circle where freezing and frozen. In order to fight the famine and cold death, it is inevitable to capture seals as food, cold leather and fuel. Siberia Snow Clear Dog is a human assistant. When the hunter captures the seal, the snow pry dog ​​will take the hard role of dragging heavy prey with snow back to the village.
    Great white bear puppies
    Great white bear dogs, alias, Pyrenean Mauntain Dog. Its body is strong and coordinated, beautiful and elegant, solemn and majestic, with emperor -like manners. It is confident, gentle and friendly, calm and patience, strong sense of responsibility, loyalty and bravery. It is the most powerful dog breed today. Under various climatic conditions, you can loyally adhere to your job. The history of the big white bears dates back to the ancient Roman period, and the ancient Romans brought to Spain.

    Chow Chow Chow is often referred to as Chow in English. It is a very ancient variety. Its accurate history has been lost in ancient China. The well -known CHOW is very easy to identify from the Chinese Han Dynasty (206b.c. to 22A.D.).
    Per other prehistoric ancient items show that the history of this variety is even much earlier. It may originally come from the Arctic, and then moved to Mongolia, Siberia and China. Some scholars claim that Chow is the ancestor of Samoyed dogs, Norwegian deer hunting dogs, Pomeranian dogs and Dutch curls. There are reports in modern times: a Chinese emperor in the Tang Dynasty (7th century A.D.) had 100,000 hunters and 2,500 "Chow dogs".
    Husky dogs
    Siberian sled dogs are primitive ancient dog breeds, living in northeast Siberia and southern Greenland. The origin of Husky's name is from its unique hoarseness. In the northeast of Siberia, Chukchi (Chukchi), with this kind of dog species resembling wolf.
    The sled as the most primitive means of transportation, with this dog hunting and breeding reindeer, or breeding this dog, and then bringing out the frozen soil where they live in exchange for food and clothing. Husky has a variety of personality, some extremely timid, and some extremely violence. Husky who entered the mainland and the family has no wildness. It is more docile. It is a pet dog that is popular in the world.
    Border shepherd dogs
    Border Collie (Border Collie) is native to the Scottish border. It is one of the Carey Shepherd. It has strong shepherd instincts, talented, good at observing words, and can understand the master’s The instructions can drive or rotate with the flock by the gaze of the eyes, which has been regarded as a shepherd for many years. Its biggest feature is smart, strong learning ability, high understanding, easy training, gentleness, loyalty, and obedience. The degree of loyalty can be described as follow -up.

    Samoyed, alias, Samoyed Dog, was originally a breed of dog breeds cultivated by the Aboriginal Samoye in Siberia. Beautiful, police, strong, flexible, noble, cute with a very eye -catching appearance, strong physique, a title of smile angel, naughty before the age of one.
    Samoyed dogs, Siberian dog breeds, named after the Siberian pastoral people and motorcycles, have been used to pull a sled and guard the reindeer. Snowy fur, smiling face and black and smart eyes, known as "smile angels", gentle temperament. It is a very beautiful and flattering dog.
    has a very thick fur, the texture of the fur is very good, and the skeletal muscles are developed, which is heavier than other tall dogs. The male dog has collar hair, and the female dog does not. The body is medium, the body is not long, but the muscles are very plump, the chest and neck are strong, and the leg muscles are strong. Samoyed dogs are famous for patience and strong physique.
    The original hairy color black, black and white, dark brown but in the nineteenth century, the fur merchants believed that white would be the most popular and exported a large amount of White Samoyed dogs to Europe and the United States. Most of the purebred Samoyed dogs I saw today are white.
    P. Bomei
    P. Dogs are a compact, short -back, and active play dog. The scientific name of Hardoli is a British dog (commonly known as British Bomei dog). One of the German fox dogs, native to Germany. It has soft, thick bottom hair and thick wool. The tail roots are very high, and the tail curls with thick hair are placed on the back.
    . It has a vigilant personality, smart expression, brisk behavior and curiosity. Small and cute, suitable for being a partner dog. German foxic dogs, including Dutch lion dogs, large fox dogs, medium -sized fox dogs, small fox dogs and squirrel dogs (also known as Pomera). Body type classification: small dog. FCI packet: sharp mouth dog and primitive dog breed group. AKC Group: Play Dogs.
    M common dog types
    The Chinese pastoral dogs, the most common soil dogs. Vitality is tenacious and easy to feed. Generally used for housekeeping.
    Haba dog, which is Jingba. It is petite and belongs to pet dogs.
    The poodle, Teddy is also a kind of poodle. The poodle is lively and smart.
    Barborn. It is also a small pet dog, mostly white. Fragile and very cute.
    Husky, Siberian sled dog.
    Alaska sled dog. It belongs to large dogs, with a stable personality and a variety of hair.
    The feeding method of dogs
    If feeding points. If you want to raise dogs, in addition to providing excellent feed and reasonable dog food, you must also have a suitable feeding method, and you must do it well. Feeding records and asking more experienced people. Generally speaking, the main points of dog feeding are as follows:
    The carefully choosing food to choose food is an important thing for dog feeding, and the first thing to consider should be a nutritional balance. Here are a few standards for choosing the right dog food: age (puppies, adult dogs, middle -aged dogs, elderly dogs), level of sports or physiological activities (good dogs, sports dogs, breeding dogs), and body size (body size Small, medium, large).
    Reasonable feeding and feeding is as important as whether the nutritional component contained in food is comprehensive. Therefore, when feeding commercial food, we must strictly abide by the instructions of the merchant. If you want to feed homemade food, you should put an end to some ideas, such as "I eat what I eat", "My dog ​​eats what it likes" or "my dog ​​is just eating". Finally, we must also note that there should be no residue, sweets, sugar pieces, cakes and other things on the dog food.
    And except for summer, it should be fed to warm feed. The temperature of the feed should be about 40 degrees Celsius. Do not be too cold or overheated. In summer, you can feed cold food, but in winter, you must warm up the feed. It is advisable to not be hot. It is best to be about 30 degrees Celsius. Because too cool foods are easy to eat bad stomachs, the feed too hot will not only affect the dog's appetite, but also may also scald the canine teeth. When the temperature of the food exceeds 50 degrees Celsius, the dog will refuse to eat. Also note that do not let the dogs do more severe exercise before feeding.
    I diet balance whether it is self -made or commercial food, which should contain all nutrients needed by dogs. It must be able to be nutritious and proper in various nutrients. , Physiological state (maintenance, reproduction, exercise), age (puppies, adult dogs, middle -aged dogs, elderly dogs), etc. It is compatible with the nutritional ratio when necessary.

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