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  1. Subjective: Science thinks that any animal has her tear glands, and when they accumulate a lot of garbage in their bodies, they are excreted from the body. From the perspective of biological thinking, animals have similar places to people, such as emotional affection! Dogs are human animals, and it is not difficult to explain when crying.
    Of course, there is a certain reason for crying: Some people think it is tired, cold, frozen. This is why, but there are similar claims in the people. I have also collected some information online. The elders of the people explained that dogs can cry, and they rarely cry, and they do not want to see dog crying. They said: Dogs are human, so dog crying represents unfortunate coming!
    Mi thought that the old man talked to me: A long time ago, he heard the dogs nearby crying inexplicably, and the sound of the sound was scary. You can hear it in the distance, and for several days, he cried loudly. Hou Dog owner's house happened unknown!
    The elder thought: This is an ominous sign, and the dog must see something that is not clean. Its cry said that the name was issuing a dangerous alert. But there are other explanations, saying that the dog crying is an attachment to the fairy at home, and warning something happened!
    In fact, there are still places in this world that science cannot reach, we can only guess that we cannot determine! I hope my answer can help you! I also hope you are lucky!

  2. Caused by physical discomfort.
    When the foreign body is entered in the eyes, the dog will cry, as if crying. When the eyelashes are born, the dog will cry. Inflammation and infectious diseases can also cause dogs to cry, as if crying.
    While tears, the dog's eyes also have purulent secretions, then it may be infected with inflammation or infectious diseases. It is recommended to take it for medical examination.

  3. Many reasons cause dogs to die, but if you can find that this is to prevent such tragedies, it can prevent such tragedies ~
    signs-: fever
    The fever is a common symptom of disease. Do not despise. The normal body temperature of the dog is slightly higher than the person, about 38.5 degrees, and the puppies are higher.
    Sar signage 2: trembling
    The reason why dogs are trembling are problems with the nervous system, which may be caused by encephalitis, canine plague, etc. Don't hesitate, take the dog to the hospital for treatment.
    signs: appetite
    If the food itself is not abnormal, the dog's food is significantly reduced, then the dog may be sick. Many diseases will reduce the appetite or even lose the dog's appetite, such as gastric and intestinal diseases and acute infectious diseases of other systems.
    signs 4: Division of breathing
    If the dog's breathing frequency is significantly accelerated and the depth of breathing, it may indicate that dogs have respiratory diseases, such as bronchitis, bronchitis, pneumothorax, etc., and do not take it lightly.
    Symptoms: constipation
    If you find that the dog does not defecate or disorders, you must adjust the dog's diet in time, otherwise there may be severe digestive tract diseases.
    signs 6: diarrhea
    Simple diarrhea may be caused by too much digestion, which can be fast for one day. Simple, so do not despise the dog's diarrhea.
    D sign 7: vomiting
    The dogs will take the initiative to vomit after eating foreign bodies, and some dog motion sickness will vomit. This is normal. However, if severe vomiting occurs, not only food, but also gastric juice or water, it may be gastritis, and you must quickly send it to the hospital for treatment.

  4. I do n’t know that you have heard that there is no saying in the people. If the dogs at home suddenly make a crying like humans, they must immediately sell the dog because it indicates that something bad will happen.
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