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  1. The chip has a special device implanted, similar to a thicker syringe, and the chip is not a "chip", but a fine stick -shaped material similar to the pen core, injected from the "syringe" to the skin.

  2. Go to the pet shop, don't do it yourself, because you don't have that kind of instrument check, good dogs are okay, it is pitiful if the dog is excluded.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, regular pet hospital cannDog implants must go to a regular hospital. Some dog owners will choose to implant chips directly on the neck. The chip is currently not popular in China, and technology is not so mature. Only individual cities can be availablenIf it is in Shenzhen, the injection point of 100 dog chips in Shenzhen, citizens can query the address on the WeChat public account of "Beautiful Shenzhen". These injection points will gradually open in the near future, accept appointments, and freely injected chips for dogs.nPicking a chip to the dog refers to the injection of the chip under the dog's skin with a syringe. The chip can identify the dog's information and the dog owner's information. There are many benefits to injecting a chip to the dog. You can scan the chip of the dog through a professional machine. You can learn that the dog's identity, the owner's information, and the vaccine injection situation. The positioning chip can also monitor the location of the dog. [Heart] [Heart] [Heart] [Heart] [Heart] [Heart]nAsk where to get a chip in Beijing.nAnswer the Beijing Watch Animal Hospital of the East Third Ring Road [Heart]nPet dogs in Xicheng District can be implanted in 12 animal hospitals such as watching, partners, Yongchang, Wanghong, etc. in the jurisdiction, and residents can choose the ideal animal hospital to show their identity for free to show their identity with the annual inspection certificates in their hands. "Electronic chip".nIs there a phone call?nAnswer dear, no phone, you need to make an appointmentn7 morenBleak

  4. Go to a pet hospital or pet shop with professional institutions to handle pet chips. The services provided by these authoritative institutions will be more professional and more secure. There will be a special syringe to bury the pet chip into the pet body. The whole process is fast, and the dog will not have any reactions and pain.
    The pet chip can go to handle after three months of dogs. It is about half of the size of rice grains. After handling, there will be no dog drum bags. At present, this technology is already very comprehensive. It is very safe and healthy to handle chips.
    and there are many benefits to the dogs for dogs. Each electronic chip corresponds to the only digital identification code in the world. It can be scanned by scanner to display it through FCI and CKU authoritative identification. After scanning, you can obtain many pets of pets, such as blood, birth, health records, past medical history, pet information, contact methods, etc.
    The favorite public welfare activities for pet chips are currently doing pet chips. They are supported by the China Animal Protection Association and Ali Public Welfare. The authoritative dog search for professional functions such as nasal line recognition and other professional functions through FCI and CKU authority. The platform provides a lifelong VIP service for pets with chips. With the only ID of the world, whether it is published or looking for pets, it will be easier and convenient, and the platform will also provide professional guidance and services.
    CKU: Zhongai Unite purebred dog cultural development center is the only formal member of the World Dog Industry Alliance in China. It has a complete authority of pure blood dog management in China
    Is also served offline services. We can consult and handle at the event site to handle a pet chip for your pet.

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