5 thoughts on “Is the gravity produced by graviture or because of space bending?”

  1. Gravity is fundamentally bent by space.
    The gravity is one of the four basic force, and it is also the most interesting force of the four forces. Scientists have found that all kinds of phenomena in the world are not related to the four basic effects. Each force of these four forces is important. Each force has his unique range, but no one can, this world will become unimaginable. Therefore, these four basic forces are the most basic forces to maintain the world and the earth. They are all important. There is no such thing as who is strong and weak.

    Let's first understand what gravity is? Gravity: As the name suggests, the gravity we often talk about in life. His full name is: Gravity interaction. We find that gravity is important because among the four forces, gravity was first discovered and studied by humans. It mainly shows that there are very few micro aspects in the macro aspect, and there is almost no. At all times, gravity exists around us, and it is also called long -range force.
    The most intuitive manifestation is the celestial body and planet we rely on the sky, and the operation of the celestial body seems to be very mysterious. In terms of popularity now, it is a very tall thing. So we usually think he is important. Gravity is the weakest for the fourth child in the four forces. Is it the weakest force? We can understand this. If we use strength as 1, weaker force is only 10^-13 times, and the electromagnetic force is a powerful 1/137, and the gravity is 10^-39 times. From these four groups of lions, we can clearly understand the basic differences between gravity and other three forces. It can be known from Einstein's theory of relativity that gravity is essentially a kind of force generated by time and space. Gravity always affects our daily life. At the same time, gravity will inspire scientists to some extent, scientifically Calling courier progress and development.

  2. Gravity field and electrostatic field creation of material field manufacturing conditions The material field is produced in addition to the reference mechanics effect between the reference mechanics and the reference mechanics of the gravitational field in addition to the static electric field.

  3. Gravity is generated by gravitational and gravitational waves, and gravitational waves are caused by the oscillation of time and space itself. For the relationship between gravitational and gravitational waves, one is macro and the other is micro. Gravity waves are composed of gravitational seeds, not spatial bending

  4. The essence of gravity is related to quality. Gravity in the gravity through ultra -light speed movement, causing time and space to bend and generates space bending. I think that no matter what the gravity is generated, it can be applied by us. Our existing technology cannot fully explain these phenomena, but in the future, we will definitely solve these.

  5. There is no reliable basis. Many scientists have been looking for it, but they have been tied up and have no clue. In short, the general theory of relativity tells us that the bending time and space and gravity are essentially the same thing. The quantum field theory tells us that the continuous exchange of virtual gravitational subtots between the two objects is essentially the same as the gravity between them. thing. It is not difficult to conclude. At least, at present, the bending space -time and virtual gravity subtitles are generated by spatial curvature.

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