Virtual machine VMware can't install

The virtual machine VMware has no response to the installation. Essence
The files I installed again. Essence Click EXE files, but did not respond.

3 thoughts on “Virtual machine VMware can't install”

  1. Why is the .exe file instead of installing files? It is recommended that you do not copy the files installed by others, because the representative is installed on his machine, and it is not installed on your machine! If you want to copy, you should copy and install files, and then install it by installing files. Then the .exe file you corresponding to is executable.
    , for example: the installation file of VMware5.0.0, the file name is = "vmware-zmb.msi
    The open method should be: Windows Installer (installation file)

  2. There may be problems with the installation program.
    The most likely is the system problem of Windows, please re -install the system.

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