1 thought on “How to replace the game currency for Renminbi mobile game”

  1. In the game, the gaming coins are sold through the Treasure Pavilion. After selling, there will be a three -day inspection period. After the inspection period, the money that is removed from the handling fee will be transferred to the NetEase treasure corresponding to your pass, and NetEase Bao is reflected in the bank card.
    Igly, it is recommended to go to the NetEase official trading platform Treasure Pavilion to conduct game currency transactions. There are many other non -official trading platforms. If they are deceived, they cannot be retrieved, and the losses are only borne by themselves. If the game currency wants to be exchanged for RMB, it is recommended to sell it at the Treasure Pavilion. Although NetEase collects a certain fee, it is safe and guaranteed.
    The mobile game does not launch the function of selling big talks. Players can buy things big. Is it possible to buy things in the treasure grabbing? If so, please consult customer service. This is generally impossible.
    Xianyu can exchange big talks.
    The two bags of 120 fairy jade for two bags per week must be bought. Still very cost -effective.
    Then there are leeks and Jinliu dew. Leeks are 8 immortal jade, Jin Liulu is 5 fairy jade, water wire is not recommended for everyone to buy them. It is recommended that everyone buy it at the Chamber of Commerce. In this way, the immortal jade in his hand is converted into a large number of big currency.
    Munyu 120, which is limited to the weekly purchase, can be exchanged for 6 million large call currency. Jin Liulu sells more than 250,000 to not buy a loss than the weekly restriction. Leek will sell for more than 400,000 to pay more than a weekly purchase loss.

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