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  1. All QQ business is opened as follows: 1.3DQQ show: go to the 3D website to log in, but sometimes the process is slow, if the login is not available, then try it again (free, can be bright) 2. Camera: As long as the computer is a computer If you have a video camera header, you can go to the website to search for the virtual camera to download (free, bright) 3. mobile phone binding: as long as you have a mobile phone A 4.qq SMS Superman: As long as you have a mobile phone, you can light up (5 yuan per month, can be on) 5.qq movement: as long as you have a mobile phone, you can light up (5 yuan per month, can be bright) 6. Members dazzling bells : As long as it is a member, set the online online, the information and offline ringtones will be automatically lit (on the premise of QQ members, QQ members are 10 yuan per month, which can be bright) 7. Red diamond noble symbol: QQ show status, noble symbol, It can be lit by spending money. 10 yuan a month, can be lit) 9. Blue Diamond Noble: The identity of the qq game aristocratic symbol, spending money can be lit, and there are masters who will brush (general price 10 yuan per month, can be bright) 10. Purple diamond nobles: QQ Hall: QQ Hall Symbol of identity aristocracy, spending money can be lit (generally price 10 yuan per month, can be bright) 11. Pink diamond nobles: QQ pet's identity aristocratic symbol, (10 yuan per month, can be bright) 12. Sound speed purple diamond nobles : Symbol of the identity of QQ sound speed, only see in the speed game, I refer to my view, and may change the color diamond in the future, which may be displayed on QQ (10 yuan per month, not to be bright) 13.qq space: As long as you want Activate your own space and automatically light up (free, can be on) 14.qq fantasy: as long as you log in to this game, you can light up. Sometimes due to system problems, you can light up with the number to rebuild a character (free, can you, can Liang) 15. QQ dating user: Activate it to light up (free, can be bright) 16.qq home: log in, find a few free items to arrange, save, automatically light up (free, light) 17 17 17 17 .Qq whirlwind: 500 points can be lit. The points that users can increase at most a day = 24 50 50 = 124 points. Add 2 points per hour, and calculate up to 12 hours a day, a total of 24 minutes! Each successful download of 1m of files is calculated 1 point, which is less than 1M. Rames 50 points per day to successfully download a BT task of more than 50m, adding 10 points, and 50 points on the same day. If the BT task does not exceed 50m, it does not count the score. The fastest 5 days can be lit 18.qq album: log in, just upload a picture to light up (free, can be bright) 19.qq hall: It used to be as long as you logged in, now I heard that as long as you play on the game, you only need to play the game to play on the game. 500 game points can be turned on automatically (free, can be bright) 20.qq pet: Go to the pet website, you have a chance to smash eggs once a day, if you miss it, you have to spend money to buy a gift package to light up (pet gift package 5 yuan , Cai Liang) 21. Paipai.com: Go to apply for a shop to light up. The blue icon is to shoot buyers who are shopping (free, light) 22.qq sound speed: require 2 sound speed seeds to order to order to order Liang, go to the sound speed and run 2, the game experience runs to the website on the second day of 16000, you can receive 2 seeds to light up (free, can be bright) 23. Huaxia 2: Log in to the game, the role online can be on If you go offline in the middle, continue to add time to the next time (free, can be bright) 24.q song Q charm: you can light up for free when this icon is just released. Now due to too much user Liang (free, not lit) 25.qq music: The website of listening to the song can be lit (10 yuan per month, can be bright) 26.qq podcast: 1, first log in to QQ podcast 2 After entering the QQ podcast, click the "Settings" of the top menu on the homepage to enter your own setting page to set the settings 3. Click the button of "Rightening the Poster icon" in "Modify My Settings". As long as the mobile phone is mobile QQ, you can light up when you go offline (the user is not on the line) 28.qq Three Kingdoms: The condition of the Three Kingdoms Litting the icon (1) It is upgraded to level 20 or less When you bring your apprentice to level 20 (3), when you are ascended to 20, you must have to be online (this point is important). Personally, when the apprentice is almost 20, it is best to form a team. If you want to upgrade quickly: the method is as follows. A QQ coin bought a few double pills that increased the experience value quickly rose up. 2. Find a teacher of level 30 or higher and ask him to take you, so faster. 3. Team, playing like this is more fun, or it's boring to play alone. 4. Do task 29.qq battle platform: There is no way to light up (not to be on) 30. Music Elf: Now combine the function of the music elves into QQ music, there is no business now, but I heard that there are individual websites, there are individual websites You can also spend money, but it doesn't make any sense (this business stops, not to be bright) 31. Senior dating: QQ senior dating noble symbol, not to be bright (it is bright before 20 !!) Net: Log in to the mobile phone Tencent (3G.QQ) with your QQ number, then your small icon will be lit. Even if you exit the mobile phone Tencent.com, the small icon will still not go out. If the above method does not have Like the icon. You can use you to log in to your mobile phone Tencent's mobile phone and QQ number binding to light up. 33. In the previous business (QQ phone, small secretary ..., etc., it is not bright now !!) The following is the new icon of the 2007bate3 version 34.qqtalk now just to log in (can be bright) 35.qqlive online 140 hours of the moon (can be bright) 36.qq book QQ members can go to this website for free lighting to light up for free VIP.QQ/ACT/2007/BookVIP/Index.php, but now the free reading activities of members have ended the membership cannot be on on January 30. If your QQ points are enough, 1000 points can be lit, QQ points exchange book redemption books Business: JIFEN.QQ/Static/MART/DETAIL/43.SHTML? = Non-member can light up 5 yuan/month Mag.qq/CGI-BIN/MON_SEL 37.QQ bookmark after you come here. The number of more than 10 bookmarks to collect (Chan Liang) 39.qq green diamond new version before the new version of the music VIP instead of the icon 10 yuan package month (can be bright) 40. QQQ mailbox to 2007Bate3, QQ mailbox needs to enter the mailbox settings, the last finally One can be displayed on the hook (displayed in the 2007bate3 version). 41.qq Ask 41.qq Ask now is a new version of the BT3 in the internal beta. Only 5%of users can see the icon asking for asking! Even if you are not one of the 5%users, you can't see it. Now as long as you ask questions, the following is the new icon of 2007Beat4 version 42.qq flying island sealing. Internal beta: When you can open it on March 22 this year, 43.Q q q q q will reach the online level 4 (that is, the icon in front of your nickname is displayed as a green seedlings) in the Qba) You can light up. This icon is similar to the super whirlwind. There is an upper limit (an active sky) accumulated every day. It needs to be accumulated to 32 active days before the icon can be on! Just drive it now. 44. Speed: Public beta time can be played directly without activation. The QQ Speed ​​public beta will be fully sailed at 10 am on January 23. When reaching level 12 and accumulating over 1800 cool coins, the QQ speeding icon on the QQ panel can be lit, it is easy to reach level 12 and accumulate 1,800 cool coins. You can get experience and cool coins. Fasting the target, open 45.qq blog in about 3 hours: Click the blog, click to set the point of lighting the abbreviation, and it takes a few seconds to light a few seconds. 46.qq Huaxia icon Change before litting the icon to the new icon 47. Mobile QQ only uses mobile phone to log in to QQ2007 Bate 1 with a version of a version to send a message to a friend, and then when the hanging phone key is forcibly exited but the hanging phone key is forcibly exited but the hanging phone button is forcibly exited but the hanging phone is forcibly exited, but Step by step, choose to cancel and exit. 48. To register for Tenpay 49.qq free fantasy level to go to level 10 before flying to Longcheng, you can light up after transfer (remember to transfer) 50. Now the surging registration will no longer register no longer. Adopt a personal random registration system and invite friends. The daily quota is still 5,000, and the invitation is invalid after the quota is not available. The inviter needs to satisfy: more than 10 or more, 5 friends, and 5 followers, there is a number of invitation places every day. Fill in the QQ number, the other party does not need to be a friend on your QQ, and the system will invite the other party by mail. After the other party clicks the link in the email, the registration will be successfully registered and the inviter will be added as a friend. The invited person please confirm the sender carefully: Turburning u003CTaotao @ TENCENT> Note: If you do not publish it within 1 week (you can publish it through any channel, it is not necessarily a mobile phone text message), the QQ toro icon is automatically extinguished. Light up the QQ lean icon again, you need to cancel the mobile phone association before re -association 51.qq message: Use users who use too many or 1 voice letter business, find a user who has already lit the icon, and let him/her give it to her You give away 1 icon. After getting the icon, your message icon will be lit automatically. The QQ audio icon is valid, and the validity period is 2 months. For each QQ audio message business, the icon is valid to 2 months. If you forget to use it, you can light up again with a QQ message. QQ membership privilege: As long as QQ members have used the QQ audio service and log in to the "Message icon" page with the QQ number, no other users need to give the icon to light the sound letter icon.

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