What did the CEO of Thunder do in violation of laws and regulations, so they were investigated for investigation?

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  1. The official website of Xunlei recently announced that the former CEO Chen Lei and others of Xunlei Company were suspected of invasion of their positions. In April 2020, the company filed a complaint with Chen Lei and others to the Shenzhen Public Security Bureau. Recently, I received a notice from the Shenzhen Public Security Bureau. The bureau has conducted investigation of Chen Lei and others suspected of invasion of duties. Therefore, they called on Chen Lei to return to China as soon as possible to cooperate with the investigation. This news has attracted widespread attention from all walks of life. After all, Thunder was the most commonly used platform for watching TV series. It has only started to go downhill in recent years and has been seized by other major platforms.
    If surveys from relevant departments found that Chen Lei invaded the company's property through virtual transaction during his working period, created false contracts, and packed the company's funds. He was suspected of misappropriating the company's tens of millions of funds for the illegal speculation of the state's ban. And Chen Lei has been out of the country in April this year and has not yet returned. There are also people familiar with the matter in Thunder that the former CEO Chen Lei, CEO of Xunlei, was suspected of occupying the company's assets and creating false contracts to collect the company's funds. The amount involved was huge. Specifically, Chen Lei took a group of Dong codi and girlfriends of Dong codhe Longjiang through the former senior vice president Dong cod net. It was inserted in the company's key positions. Through illegal means and other illegal means of fictional trading, the company's funds were set. huge.
    The contradiction between Thunder and Chen Lei broke out in April this year. In April this year, the senior management of Thunder Company made large -scale adjustments and replacements. Chen Lei was unloaded to the company's position. Several members of the former board of directors resigned as directors. By mid -April, Chen Lei's core manpower technology, projects, VP were cleaned up in Thunder and the Internet. However, according to Chen Lei himself, he did not go to the company due to physical reasons. He knew nothing about this time of the board of directors, and no one had had any communication with him before. He said that he had made two big mistakes as a professional manager: he offended the board of directors and had too many risks for the company.
    But the new management management of Thunder stated that in the audit, the company that found the Xing integration company that had cooperated with Xunlei in the past was actually controlled by Chen Lei. Chen Lei transferred a lot of funds to Xing integration company through illegal means. Moreover, during his tenure, the company had a serious loss and his performance declined year by year.
    In short, it is unknown how the truth is now. All the results have to wait for the police to have exact evidence. After all, Chen Lei worked in Tencent, Microsoft, and Google before Xunlei. It is the height that ordinary people cannot reach. Why can the talents occupy the company's property, and they can create themselves. However, from the current situation, Chen Lei is more likely to be suspected of crime. After all, his small movements are traceable, and the company cannot charge him a big deal. After a few months, the Public Security Bureau's determination of the investigation of the case also shows that Chen Lei's behavioral possibility of invasion of the company's property is very high.

  2. The former CEO Chen Lei and others of Thunder Company were suspected of occupation and had been investigated by the Shenzhen Public Security Bureau. Chen Lei graduated from Tsinghua University undergraduate, joined Tencent in 2010, joined Thunder Company from Tencent in 2014, served as chief technician, and served as the joint CEO of Xunlei Company from 2015 to 2017. In July 2017, he began to serve as CEO and director of Xunlei. Responsible for Thunder download and CDN business, and was left in April 2020.

  3. The investigation of relevant departments found that Chen Lei was suspected of setting up a trading session during the post, and privately occupied the company's property, creating false contracts, and picking up the company's funds.

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