4 thoughts on “The more high -end surrender in LOL, why is it willing to die at low -end players?”

  1. The more high -end surrender in LOL, why is it willing to die at low -end players? Under the circumstances of the high -end bureau, it is not because of the big advantage, but how it is to go to its own team, but how to face the waves. In other words, it is a wave of pushing to win the opposite side, but people do not want to do this. They want to play for a while, and if they are caught, they can get a group of resources and have the opportunity to fight. The situation may be possible. Not so severe. However, such opportunities are very rare. Single -grab opportunities are rare. It is more rare to catch the opposite C position, so even if the opposite side is caught to death, as long as it is not the point, the role will not be too great, so take a little wild resource resource resources. Essence Of course, you can also choose to break the boat to get the big dragon. At least you can drag the situation for a few minutes. There is no gap in equipment in the later period. There are more opportunities to come back. Essence If you do n’t give you a chance opposite, the big advantage is still not waves, and it is better to surrender. Why do you lose? It is still faster.

    The huge economic difference makes it difficult to persist. The advantages of vision, wild resources, push tower, etc. can only be regarded as indirect. The most direct advantage is economic crushing. In that situation, I really ca n’t play, no matter how good the operation is, it ’s not more than you. When we are in the league competition, we often see commentary and discuss the poor economy. This is the most critical factor that can measure the winning and defeat of the team. Let's put it this way, the economic difference reaches 10,000. Whether it is a high -end bureau or the league competition, it is almost impossible to turn around, and it is also necessary to meet a hard condition, that is, it has entered a large late stage. What is the concept of 10000 economy poor? Not each team is as simple as you are 2000 gold coins, but either the two points opposite the opposite side are extremely fat. It can lead a large piece. Either you are two and a half pieces, and there are three sets opposite. Many heroes are formed by three -piece set. It can even be said that the ability to have one dozen or two is not exaggerated. In the face of this equipment, if the operation is not crushed, it is basically no drama.

  2. Old LOL players have played low -end and high -end games. High -end games often want to do not waste time. Many people have lost the original intention of playing games. Compared with these so -called high -end players, low -end players With the experience of paying attention to the game and enjoying the thrill of the backwind turning, there are many "thugs" on the high -end bureau. They want more time and energy to play more "lists"

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