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  1. The most cost -effective mid -range configuration, sweeping today's game world is like killing chickens with a cattle knife, and the ultra -great upgrade potential.
    cpu: Intel Core 2 Quad Q8200/Bulk (about 1210 yuan)
    Motherboard: Yingtong P45 God Edition (about 599 yuan)
    Memory: Golden Shitai 2G DDR2 800 (about 105 yuan) r r r r r r r r
    graphics card: Qixiang 9800GT 512M DDR3 King of Kings (about 799 yuan)
    Hard disk: Western Data (Dico Agent) (about 370 yuan)
    Britage: LG GSA-H42L (280 yuan 280 yuan Left and right)
    key mouse: Guoyu ST-508 (about 86 yuan)
    Case: Jinxiang 4711 (about 150)
    Power supply: Huangnuo Youshuo 450 (about 160 yuan) r
    Speaker: Colorful DLS-2105 (about 88 yuan)
    Display: Laolong 2201K (about 1199 yuan)
    Total: 5046 yuan
    The detailed parameters of each component r r r

    cpu: Intel Core 2 Quad Q8200/Bulk (about 1210 yuan)
    Main parameters
    The type of tablet machine
    interface type LGA 775
    core type Yorkfield r
    production process 45 nanometer
    core voltage 1.25V
    main frequency 2.33GHz
    outer frequency outer frequency 333MHz
    double frequency 7x
    -level cache L1 4*64K n R n The secondary cache L2 4096K
    The front -end bus frequency 1333MHz
    functional parameters
    The bus technology does not support bus technology
    super thread technology does not support
    64 -bit processor is
    64 R nTDP technology does not support
    (virtualization) Support
    Core quantity quad -core

    Motherboard: Yingtong P45 God Edition (about 599 yuan) The memory upgrade potential of this motherboard Very powerful, the highest can support the frequency of 1333. Its biggest selling point is its super compatible performance and a large upgrade space for consumers with limited funds now
    Main parameters
    The application type desktop machine
    The motherboard architecture ATX
    chip manufacturers Intel
    CPU slot type LGA 775
    supports CPU type support Intel Core2 quad, intel core2 extreme, yorkfield xe 1600 fsb, Intel Core2 Duo, Wolfdale series processor
    Id 1
    The front -end bus frequency supports 800MHz, 10 66MHz, 1333MHz, 1.6GHz front -end bus
    The North Bridge chip Intel P45
    The chipset series Intel P45 series
    The South Bridge chip Intel ICH10R
    supports memory types (DDR2/DDR3)) )
    Id the channel mode to support
    The amount of memory slot 4
    Matin frequency DDR3 1333MHz
    Maximum support for memory capacity 16g
    n plate screen card board realtek 8111C Gigabit network card
    extension parameters
    The hard disk interface ATA 133, S-ATA150, S-ATA II
    SATA interface number 6
    disk array mode RAID 0 , RAID 0 1, RAID 1, RAID 5
    supports graphics card standard PCIE 2.0
    PCI Express slot 1 × PCI Express x1,2 × PCI Express x16
    pci slot 2 × PCI r
    extended interface keyboard PS/2, mouse PS/2, E-SATA, USB2.0, rj45 network card interface, coaxial audio, COM interface
    e-sata interface number 1
    other parameters
    Power circuit 5 phase circuit
    power interface 24PIN 8pin power interface

    Memory: Jindi 2G DDR2 800 (about 105 yuan)
    2G memory to cope with the current games It is more than ease. I believe that there is no need to upgrade for the scope of personal computers in the next three or four years. If necessary, wait for DDR3 1333 to be cheap and upgrade. R n graphics card: Qixiang 9800GT 512M DDR3 King (about 799 yuan)
    Basic parameters
    chip factory Fang Fang NVIDIA
    chip model NVIDIA GeForce 9800GT
    GPU chip series NVIDIA 9800 Series
    chip code G92
    production process 0.065um
    core position width 256bit
    graphics card interface standard supports PCI Express 2.0
    output interface TV-out interface, 2*DVI- I interface
    Performance parameters
    D memory capacity 512M
    The memory bit width of the memory bit 256bit
    R n Core frequency 650MHz
    D memory frequency 2000MHz
    The number of stream processors 112
    3d API support DirectX 10
    3d characteristics Shader Model 4.0, OpenGL 2.0 nramdac frequency and support MAX Resolution supports 2 × 400MHz RAMDAC; 2048x1536@85MHz
    Other parameters
    n Hard disk: Western Data (Dico Agent) (about 370 yuan)
    is the Western Data 500GB series capacity: 500g/interface standard: S-ATA II/disc body size: 3.5-inch/speed: 7200rpm/cache capacity : 16M/Warranty Time: Three-year warranty

    Britage: LG GSA-H42L (about 280 yuan)
    Basic parameters
    model GSA-H42L
    Putting the built-in
    of the type DVD /- RW
    interface type IDE
    other parameters
    The light sculpture ((support for light sculpture))
    performance parameters n R nThis 18x dvd /- r Written, 10x dvd R DL writes, 8X DVD-R DL writing, 8x dvd rw, 6x dvd-rw, 12x dvd-ram, 16x dvd- ROM reading, 48x CD-ROM reading, 32X CD-RW, 48X CD-R writing
    cache 2m
    key mouse: Guoyu ST-508 (about 86 yuan)
    Keyboard model: SK-522/keyboard parameters: keycap laser sculpture, anti-strike, anti-wear, dual waterproof, extraordinary mute design , Special game control button for players, never fades .PS/2 interface/mouse model: SG-530/mouse parameter: 1000dpi high resolution, ergonomic arc design, built-in blocks to achieve precision and control Sex.

    Case: Jinxiang 4711 (around 150), which is beautiful and fashionable, and very practical
    It in computer accessories, only the chassis is recycled and reused, so it is recommended to choose a good point.

    In power supply: Huangnuo Youshuo 450 (about 160 yuan)
    power supply standard ATX
    rated power 350W
    maximum power 450W
    applicable to the CPU range Intel, suitable AMD full series CPU
    certification specification EMC is in line with China GB92 54-98 B, FCC B Class and other multi-national certifications
    It other parameters
    PFC type passive PFC
    fan description A 12CM fan
    interface description 20 4pin, 4 big 4pin , 1 small 4pin, 2 SATA, 1 square 4pin

    speakers: colorful DLS-2105 (about 88 yuan)
    channel: 2.1 channel/power: 6W 2W** 2/speaker unit: bass: 4 inches, satellite speakers: 2.5 2.5 -inch anti -magnetic/box material: wood

    Display Some 19 -inch LCDs below 999 yuan, but found that they were found to be more cost -effective than this 22 -inch LCD (they either the response speed and the disadvantages of the comparison is too low). From the data, it is a low -end product. The most cost-effective monitor
    Basic parameters
    Model 2201k
    Size 22-inch
    Point distance 0.282mm
    n performance parameters
    brightness 300cd/m2
    contrast 1
    resolution 1680*1050@60Hz
    response speed 2ms n horizontal view angle 170 degrees
    Vertical viewing angle 160 degrees
    Maximum color 16.7m
    other parameters
    usb hub usb2.0
    TV signal receiving does not support
    power consumption power consumption power: 38W , Energy -saving mode 26W, standby: 1W
    Addered standard TCO03
    Per other performance shape size: 518 × 415 × 200 (wide × height × depth), product weight: 5.5kg, visual area: 474 × 296mm Screen ratio: 16: 10, adjustable angle: screen elevation-5-20 degrees/dynamic contrast 3000: 1/Energy-saving standard: meets EPA energy stars and Nutek standard/average failure working time: 50,000 hours/random attachment:: random attachment: D-SUB video cable, power cord, USB connection, audio cable

    Total 5046 yuan

  2. Programming? What is it? C language, matlab simulation .....
    Im programming is not very high for the machine, you just want to deal with large 3D

    Then 45nm Intel, it is wise Essence Unlike a lot of people, they are staring at the three -core 8450. 45nm are very good, low power consumption, small heating, quiet. The E7200 original heat sink is as large as the moon cake. It can be seen that its heat is produced

    . My machine on November 2 is similar to your requirements. , Cool Fish 320g, Gram -Chi 9800GT, 20 inches of BenQ, Xianma chassis power supply
    This is playing alone island crisis 2 warhead 2, island shock 2, mission call 5, no big problem
    Suggestion: The overclocking must be equipped with a better memory and motherboard; your display is very large, using large memory, 1G; power, Hangjia is too expensive, the first horse will be
    nCPU Core 2 dual -core E7300 (boxes of the box (box ) × 1 ¥ 770
    motherboard MSI P45 NEO-F × 1 ¥ 780
    1 ¥ 405
    graphics card Magic 9800GT Black General Edition 1 2 ¥ 880
    LCD Benqi G2200W ¥ 1080
    The chassis first horse heat dissipation expert 619C × 1 ¥ 85
    light drive pioneer DVR-216CH × 1 ¥ 209
    Power supply first Ma Chaoguang 450 (ATX-330-8) × 1 ¥ 205
    R n Total amount: 4863 yuan, you should be able to cut two hundred, because this order, motherboard, memory, hard disk, graphics display is better than me, so it is more expensive than me
    . If there is any, if there is any Money, want to strengthen the hardware, recommend 200, last 9800GTX

  3. Let's use E7300. The price is 10 yuan more expensive than E7200, and the main frequency is a bit higher than 7200
    CPU Intel Core 2 dual-core E7300 (box) 1 ¥ 770
    motherboard MSI P45 NEO-F 1 ¥ 799
    The memory Volkswagen 2G DDR2 8 million (Thousands of purple thousands) *2 ¥ 120
    The hard disk WD caviar KS 640G 7200 rpm 16m (serial port WD64 1 ¥ 420
    R nLCD Samsung 2243EW 1 ¥ 1390
    The light drive Pioneer DVR-116CH 1 ¥ 190
    nThe key mouse installation LG black pearl (waterproof set) 1 ¥ 78
    The speaker stroll R201T08 1 ¥ 220
    Total amounts: 5685 yuan
    The dual channel of the memory group, because of the FSB of E7300's FSB为1066,单条内存带宽不足以满足,1G*2有些小,可以考虑2G 1G,也可以2G*2(虽然32位系统只能用3.25G左右,但是内存不贵...) r The N graphics card uses Dilan 4850 Arctic GDDR4 with the highest cost -effective Dilan level, excellent workmanship, strong first -tier brand, strong performance.
    The hard disk is 640G of the Western Digital. The price is the same as Seagate's 500G. The noise is also very small.
    The power supply is 380W. There may be not many people who may know the brand of Kangshu. The island crisis can be played under high -quality quality, and other special effects can be opened!

  4. CPU Intel Core 2 quad -core Q6600 (box) × 1 ¥ 1270 ¥ 1270 A total of 74 merchants

    nMatin Goldenston 2GB DDR2 800 ¥ 105 ¥ 115 ↑ 10 Total 102 merchants

    Hard disk Seagate 500G 7200.11 32M (serial port/box) × 1 ¥ 420 ↑ 40 merchants

    graphics card Yingtong 9800GTX -1024GD3 game master × 1 ¥ 1099 ¥ 1099 A total of 12 merchants

    R n
    The LCD display Mingji T2200HD × 1 ¥ 1099 ¥ 1099 A total of 37 merchants

    Chassis buffalo A0707 (empty box) × 1 ¥ 99 ¥ 99 A total of 2 merchants

    Power supply and carrin nuclear DH6 × 1 ¥ 380 ¥ 380 A total of 39 merchants

    Come speaker stroll R101T06 ¥ 160 ¥ 160 Total 21 merchants

    Amount: 5655 yuan

    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------
    The reason for the recommended set of configuration, why not use the E7200 you recommend. It is because the 4 cores are absolute mainstream .2 cores are now being eliminated. Q6600's word -of -mouth is very good. And the performance is also good.
    The graphics card gives you the current high -end mainstream "Yingtong 9800GTX -1024GD3 game master" I personally recommend this graphics card. Vista uses 4G. If it is XP's 32 -bit system, use 2G. Because XP's 32 -bit system can only use 3.25G memory. And 64 -bit systems are not compatible with them ..

    I will not explain in detail .. I believe you also have a certain computer hardware basis

    PS: If there is any, I can click "Online conversation". If you are not online, you can leave a message. Give me .. I will reply.

  5. The price of CPU 7300 boxes is the same as 7200 -770 yuan performance is better than 7200
    The motherboard P5Q is upgraded in the future ~ um -1000 yuan
    The memory 2g*2 is 120 yuan? —— 240 yuan
    Hard disk 640 — 430 yuan
    graphics card sapphire HD4850 ​​512M -1000 yuan is stronger than 9600GT. n The light drive DVD burning is now very ordinary -below 200 yuan
    The empty box of 100 yuan in the case is that it looks good. — 300 ~ 400 yuan
    The keyboard mouse sleeve 100 yuan with wireless waterproof ordinary 50 yuan in the early 50 yuan
    audio recommended solid wood 2.0 200 ~ 300 yuan

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