1 thought on “Is the U.S. taxation pension?”

  1. U.S. taxes are pensions
    The US pension system due to different sources of pensions,
    can also be divided into social security gold, personal retirement accounts, company retirement plans (401K), pensions, etc. According to statistics from the US Social Security Bureau, the old -age funds of Americans after retirement are mainly from the following aspects. Social security gold accounts for about 39%of the pension. The company's or government retirement plans account for about 19%of pensions. Personal stocks and securities income account for about 26%of pensions. The income of other assets accounts for about 13%of the pension, and other income accounts for about 3%of the pension. It can be seen from the sources of pensions of the above Americans and the proportion they occupy that Americans' pensions do not simply depend on pensions, but have a variety of combinations. Therefore, wealth management in pensions is very large. You may even break your fortune.

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