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  1. The United States has pensions.
    The retirement policy in the United States is divided into three levels:
    . retirement in advance.
    The years old can start retirement, but you need to get 50 % off. Every time you receive it, you will have less discounts.
    2. Normal retirement.
    If depending on the date of birth, the American Social Security Agency has set different normal retirement age. For example, those who were born before 1937 and 1937 were 65 years old. They were born from 1943 to 1954. The retirement age was 66 years old. People born in 1960 and 1960 were 67 years old. Those who retire at the normal retirement age can receive a full pension.
    three, delay retirement.
    The person who delayed retirement can also get rewarding benefits on the basis of the original pension. If your normal retirement age is 66 years old and you choose to retire at the age of 67, then you can get 108%of pensions per month. If you choose to retire after 70 or 70 years old, then you can get it every month By 132%of pensions.
    Pucting information:
    The current retirement pension system in the United States consists of three pillars.
    The government's mandatory social security plan provides basic retirement security for the whole society, covering 96%of the country's employment population. It is the cornerstone of this multi -level system, that is, the first pillar.
    The government or employer, a pension plan with welfare constitutes the second pillar of the pension guarantee system. The former is the pension plan of the public sector. The pension plan, the latter is the employer's pension plan, refers to the pension plan provided by enterprises and some non -profit organizations and institutions for their employees, and is usually called private pension plan.
    The third pillar is a personal retirement account managed by the individual. It is a supplementary pension plan initiated by the federal government by providing tax incentives and voluntary participation.
    has developed for hundreds of years in the development of the US retirement pension system. Its current multi -pillar system has been continuously accumulated and adjusted.
    In the formulation of the 1935 "Social Security Law" and the 1974 "Employee Retirement Revenue Guarantee Law", the development of the US retirement and retirement system is divided into three periods: before 1935, the preliminary development period for employer pension planning plan From 1935 to 1974, it was a rapid expansion of the government's mandatory social security plan and employer's pension plan, and after 1974, it was the mature and stable period of the pension system.
    Reference Data Source: People's Daily-the United States: The advanced retirement system is elastic

  2. 1. There is a pension in the United States.
    2. American scholars often refer to the American endowment security system as the "Three Legged Stool". The so -called "three legs", of which "social endowment insurance" is the first leg (the first pillar), the "spiritual pillar" or "final defense line" of Americans's pension; Two pillars) is the "material foundation" or "main body" of American pension; traditional "personal retirement savings and insurance investment" with the main body of the family as the main body of the family is the third leg (third pillar), which is an American "Important supplements" indispensable for the elderly.

  3. In the United States, you must work hard and earn forty points (earning up to four per year). By the age of 65, the Social Security Bureau will send you pension

    your you After you serve them for a certain period of time, the company you works can also give you a pension. These two parts are the dependence of your life after retirement

    As a retired living expenses, it is 401k

    . If you do not have the above three parts, then no one will give you a pension

    In the future, according to your financial situation, the state will give you some subsidies

    The meager is very small, just to maintain no starvation!

  4. The answer on the second floor was accurate.
    is indeed like that.
    is actually similar to the situation in China, that is, to pay 40 quarterly taxes, no need to be connected. A total of 40. Then you can receive the pension at the age. If you pay less taxes at work, then less pensions. Pay more and give it too much. Similar to China.
    If it is a specialty, it will be subsidized, but it is about $ 5,6. I listen to an American.

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