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  1. We all know the phenomenon of quantum entanglement. No matter how far apart, it is transmitted in real time. Does this mean that quantum entanglement is faster than the speed of light. Breaking, this violates the theory of relativity, and many laws need to be rewritten? This is a question that confuses many people. It is estimated that many people suspect life.

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    Einstein once entangled quantum as "ghost -like over -distance effects". It has been reported. Scientists now believe that quantum entanglement is actually actually entangled in quantum entanglement. It also needs channels. Professor Pan Jianwei's project team also measured in 2013 that the transmission speed of quantum entanglement is at least 4 magnitude higher than the light speed.

    So the quantum entanglement phenomenon violates the theory of relativity? The answer is: NO!

    The phenomenon of quantum entanglement is indeed faster than the speed of light, but this does not violate the theory of relativity because it does not pass information, and in 2013 The remarks that the quantum entanglement is higher than the speed of light is a complete context that reporters do not understand the expression of scientists, and the error understanding caused.

    M: First briefly introduce quantum entanglement. This is a phenomenon predicted by the theory of quantum mechanics. Please note that it is a prophecy, and then the actual observation is observed, so the mechanism of quantum entanglement is very clear, that is, quantum mechanics. It is by no means a very mysterious phenomenon like many people think, and no one knows its mechanism.

    The quantum entanglement. This phenomenon is that a multi -particle system may be in a "entanglement". In mathematics, this multi -particle state cannot be written into multiple single particle states, which means It is not a "straightforward".

    What to do if you are in entanglement? At this time, each particle becomes a whole. It is impossible for you to measure the state of one particle without affecting the state of other particles. When you measure the state of a particle, other particles have changed synchronously. rnrn比如说,在一个常用的两粒子纠缠态中,如果你对1号粒子测得0,那么2号粒子必然同时也变成了0,而如果你对1号粒子Test 1, then the No. 2 particle must also become 1 at the same time, and the two always maintain the same value. In another commonly used entanglement, two particles always change in reverse, one becomes 0, and the other must become 1. These are common examples.

  2. Personally optimistic about Het hash entanglement because it is a new anonymous digital currency that can make up for the shortcomings of Bitcoin.

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