1 thought on “What is the use of world currency in the Daqian World Games?”

  1. The role of the world currency of the mobile game "Thousands of World":
    1. The role of World Coins is to allow players to get more skills or breathing methods.
    2. In the absence of strange stoles, you can use World currency to entrust Kidd to help you steal things. This is a random that may be the scripture or skill.
    4, World Coins can also be exchanged for something, and things are more precious, and some businessmen will be randomly produced.

    The expansion information:

    The currency that is cherished in the world of world coins. Several ways to obtain the Daqian World Currency:
    1. After completing the martial arts task (need to add a martial arts), you can use martial arts reputation to exchange to a certain world currency (500 reputation a world currency).
    2. When fishing, you can catch treasure fish. The probability is very small. Every 5 treasure fish can exchange a world currency. Essence

    3, the Daqian World fixed plot Magic Master's plot will be given two world currencies.

    4. The treasure in the game can be directly exchanged for world currency.
    5, the contribution of the war and the consumption of Zongmen subsidies can be changed to change a world currency.

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