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  1. 1. Registration instructions:
    1, netizens can fill in the relevant information after logging in to the official website of the competition;
    2, the competition system uses QQ nickname as the participating name, if you need to modify, you can adjust it hand -made;
    3. Registration for this competition must verify the mobile phone number, and each number is limited to registered once;
    4, the competition has a regional ranking. Registration players can choose their own region, and the results enter the provincial and regional rankings.
    5. After the registration is successful, the nicknames, mobile phone numbers, and information in the area are not modified.
    6. The revenue ranking, transaction data and other content generated by the players participated in the A -share competition, and the copyright belongs to the organizer of the competition;
    . Key rules:
    1, the starting capital of the simulation disk is 1 million yuan; After the end of each season, the results are clear;
    2, the total income ranking and regional ranking of this competition, the game results are updated on the official website after the daily liquidation; 30%of the total assets of the first trading day, the system is limited when buying;
    4, the transaction variety is limited to A shares, closed funds, ETF funds; Factors, players should not participate in the above equity registration, so as not to affect your performance; this competition will support dividends and shares;
    6, you cannot purchase new shares; you cannot buy it on the day of the new shares listing; due to the issue of issuing shares or resumption of trading The stocks that have no restrictions on the first day cannot be bought;
    7, the simulation trading system is inconsistent with the actual stock market market. , Long -term suspension of individual stocks:
    1. Due to the short simulation competition cycle, the individual stocks held by the players can apply for cash withdrawal after more than five trading days. n2, players, please use the QQ mailbox associated with QQ to send a cash -related application, go to the mailbox #qq (#to@);
    3, please indicate the name of the entry name, the participating QQ, and the cash out of individual stock code in the application email. As well as the number of shortcuts and cash cash;
    4, the cash -up application email initiated by the fifth trading day of individual stocks is valid, and the earlier cash application application is an invalid request.
    5. The cash application application before 16:30 pm will be processed after the day of liquidation, and the application after 16:30 will be processed after the next day.
    . Trading time:
    1. The simulation system accepts 24 -hour entrustment (except for the system liquidation time), the commission after the day of liquidation is the commission of the next day;
    2, liquidation time: daily 15 15 : 00-19: 00, the entrustment order within the liquidation time may be invalid, please try not to place an order within this time period;
    3, the transaction time of the transaction time is the transaction time of the normal trading day: 9: 31-11: 29 , 13: 01-14: 59;
    5. Trading rules
    1. Buy: After buying entrustment to submit confirmation, if the latest price is the same or lower in real -time market, then Entrust can be sold, and the daily limit cannot be bought;
    2, selling: After selling the commission to submit confirmation, if the latest price in the real -time market is the same or higher ;
    3, the transaction time of the simulation trading system will be appropriately advanced to simulate the bidding. The transaction time may be between 9: 28-9: 30. The transaction price is subject to the price at the time;
    4. When the transaction is commissioned, the transaction price is the latest price of the real -time market.
    5. The liquidation is basically the same as the securities company, that is, securities T 1, capital T 0; the transaction rate is 0.5 ‰, and the selling is 1.5 ‰.
    6. Other Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchange prohibited and did not mention matters in these terms. Other rules that have not been explained in this rule are basically the same as the securities trading regulations published by the exchange.
    6. Note
    1. The organizer tries to ensure the successful development of the competition in a diligent and diligent attitude. The impact is not guaranteed.
    2. If various reasons cause the competition operation to run in an unimplicated state, the organizer has the right to make corresponding treatment and deal with the trading operation in the abnormal period; Related passwords, if the accounts caused by the loss or cracked by the password are caused by the stolen, the organizer and the designated dealers are not responsible for the contest;
    4. Due to the large number of contestants, the system may be in some of the systems in some of the contestants. System issues such as a specific time (such as the first day of the start) are treated with system problems such as slow transactions or unable to withdraw orders. Please forgive me.

  2. It doesn't matter if you do n’t support it, you still have your own ideas. In short, you have risks to enter the market. If it is a novice with no technology and common sense, it is important to learn before entering the market. There is no harm. You can also go to a website called Early Bao to simulate stock trading for a while, and there will be many improvements.

  3. First of all, you must know that
    QQ software is mainly provided.
    The function is mainly on chat.
    It is not practical to play stocks in QQ,
    It to download a big wisdom, fellow flowers, or something,
    The software is a better choice for playing stocks.
    The are the most advanced aspects.
    is like you want to chat,
    will not give up QQ and choose MSN.

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