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  1. 1. Promotion of the application market

    Due to the earlier entry, users have accumulated a lot. There are concentrated user groups, high user quality, large quantity, the most professional form, and the most concentrated application.
    The promotion company in the industry has a third -party electronic market, such as 360, Baidu 91, Application Treasure, Pea Pod, Anzhi, etc.; ; Mobile MM, Unicom Wo Shop, Telecom Tianyi Telecom operator.
    The cooperation with these channels is nothing more than two types. The first is free cooperation, mainly for first -time, activities and other cooperation. It has a good relationship with channel operations to a free position. The second is paid cooperation. Most markets will have an example of publication to the public to talk about price payment promotion with market operations.

    A market starting
    The determination of the start time (the location given by the channel);
    Software testing;
    Plip to the starting platform (advertising, viewing the location of the starting, changes in the order); Download the package of the page);
    The first data summary.

    Marketing activities
    Source: Follow the developer activity section; responsible for the person in charge of the activity channel; unite with other apps, festival activities, special activities, and editor recommendations;
    Weibo , WeChat publicity and cooperation;
    This confirmation position, ranking, banner (required design to be designed in advance);
    data monitoring;
    The activities of competitors.

    The replacement
    It can be replaced with other APPs or channels. Whether the competition relationship is, the other party's brand image;
    according to the requirements of the replacement, exchange the material on the shelves;
    The background data monitoring band situation;
    The view of the other party's app, confirmation location;
    according to data Adjust the position, or ask the other party to adjust the position.

    2, Internet alliance promotion:

    The volume brought by the Internet alliance, and the effect is fast, the cost is moderate, but the unloading rate is high, and there are many silent users.
    is also called banner advertisement, pass advertisement, advertising bar. It is currently the most common form of advertising display. Usually, the top and bottom of the present are supported, and most advertising platforms are supported, such as Capital and Multi -League. This form of advertising has a small amount of advertisements and relatively stable benefits. Most developers also choose this type of advertising. The advantage of Banner is that large display volume and wide media coverage, the disadvantage is that the click -through rate conversion rate is worse than other advertising forms.

    In plug screens
    also called plug advertisements. When using APP, the action triggers full screen/half -screen pop -up or embedded. The mobile game is suitable for this type of advertising. There are good performance.
    The pop -up in the form of half -screen or full -screen when the application is turned on, paused, and exited, it can skillfully avoid the user's normal experience of the application. Because the size and the visual effect are shocking, the ads of inserting the screen have very high click -through rates and good advertising effects.

    This wall
    The display various tasks in one application (download and install recommended applications, registration, filled out forms, etc.), and then users complete the task in the game with the integral wall to get to get to obtain Virtual currency rewards. Based on CPA (per action cost, Cost Per Action), as long as the user completes the integration wall task, developers can get a sharing income.
    This method is fast, and the effect is obvious, but most users are not really because the software is good and the demand is downloaded and used, so the survival rate is not high. Team.
    Prepritory walls of Android under normal circumstances are not recommended to do because Android is not like iOS only one appstore appstore. It can display more resources and do not need to rush to the list through the integral wall. If your KPI is activated the number of users, and as long as it is a real user, you can also use the integral wall.

    A as an important mobile application operation method, pushing is increasingly valued by mobile game operators.
    The performance of the same content to the user, regardless of time, and the performance of the use of time, and the performance of the push is unchanged. When the user has received such a target push, it will gradually get bored. However, it is not the push function itself, and it does not have much to do with the number of pushes. The important thing is the content of the sending.

    3, replacement promotion:

    The exchange traffic through BD cooperation, you use me, I use you, everyone replace users with each other.

    The content cooperation

    In high -quality content to attract accurate customers and potential customers, thereby achieving the purpose of marketing.

    In open screens
    In the APP to display the full screen/half -screen display. Generally, the same user will not start a single APP frequently. Therefore, compared with other advertising forms This type of advertisement can cover relatively more independent users.

    The pop -up window
    The form of advertising that pops up when the application is opened. The effect is good, but it affects the user experience very much.

    This can be briefly understood as a picture or multiple pictures. It is displayed in the application. In the obvious position in the application, the form of a combination of pictures, similar to focus news, just adds pictures. Generally, it is mostly used on the homepage or channel homepage. Because it is in the form of pictures, it has certain attraction and visual attractiveness.

    This Recommended
    The replacement does not have to find separate applications. There are many softwares that are specially recommended or have software recommendation columns. Recommendations in the application, if the location is deeper, and the number of users is not large, it will basically not be effective. Unless it is an APP with a user size of more than ten million or even over 100 million and the location is relatively obvious, it may be effective. Do not put energy on this piece.
    S specific channel promotion can refer to the Little Lingling APP ~

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