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  1. As a senior chopper party and newcomers, it is usually indispensable to buy and buy. In the process of buying and buying, you will also think about the meaning of the product. The default e -commerce giants on the market: Taobao, JD, and Pinduoduo also have many similarities and differences. The author is now only from its member system and growth system. ~

    The background of Taobao and Jingdong will not be repeated here. Presumably, most people have a certain understanding and experienced their shopping processes.

    First of all, the integration system and membership growth system are two systems. The two can do one (Xiaohongshu), two (Taobao, JD.com), or not to do it (Pinduoduo Duoduo) To.

    This do you do? How much do you do? How to do it? Both need to make decisions based on the nature of each product and the current stage of development. Here, the methods and routes of each family are analyzed. I hope that one or two can be peeped from it.

    . Introduction to the system

    It enter the topic:

    Tao Taobao has a naughty value, belongs to the growth system, has gold coins, belongs to the integration system (here here The separation from Tmall's points is not integrated); Jingdong has Beijing enjoying value. It belongs to the growth system and has Jingdou, which is a point system (also gold coin, communication B, etc., which will be talked about below).

    This here is clear: the growth system and the integration system are independent of each other, each with different functions, but in the same app, it is also complementary to promote the transformation and retention of users.

    In general, the role of the growth system is:

    as an incentive method to enhance the user's active activity;
    n Sticky, forming competitive barriers.

    of course you can also understand: Give users a sense of honor and vanity, and you can't wait to tell everyone in the world. I am the best!

    This point, QQ is doing well, who counts how many sun, moon and stars do not count every day in primary and high schools in elementary school.

    The function of the integration system is:

    Themur currency in the station;


    of course you can simply understand it as: when the user accumulates to a certain degree, a sum of points are saved. If he can change something, then he is reluctant to leave!

    The similarities and differences between the two apps on the integration system and growth system will be combed. Then analyze why you do n’t do nothing, and what may be done.

    . Taobao

    1. Integral system-gold coins

    1. What is gold coin?

    This gold coins are points provided by Taobao for users. The gold coin channel page preferably the minimum price of the entire network for 30 days. Users who hold gold coins can also use gold coins to pay money. In addition, users can use gold coins to draw, spike, and exchange value items.

    1.2 Gold Coins

    1. How to get gold coins?

    The method of acquisition of gold coins can be divided into two aspects, one is officially sent, and the other is a shop sending.


    The official gold coins are mainly concentrated on the [Gold Coin Manor] page. This page can be signed for daily gold coins, or plants can also be placed on On the farm), you can also go to the friend's manor to steal gold coins, or water the friend's plants to get gold coins.

    The general process can be seen in the figure below:


    Coules to actively give up some profits. A certain amount of gold coins will be given.

    This you can decline from the [Gold Coin Manor] page to find the goods returning gold coins after shopping.

    The following:

    1.4 How to consume gold coins?

    The use of gold coins is relatively simple and rude, without much flower intestine: use it when placing an order, 100 gold coins for 1 yuan.

    The amount that can be used in different amounts is set up in advance by merchants, and not all products support the use of gold coins.

    This can be found from [Gold Coin Manor] to find high -discount products, and some products can not only be used with gold coins, but also confirmed that they also send gold coins after receiving, which is equivalent to two discounts.

    It how to use:

    2. Member system-naughty value

    Taobao and Tmall publicly use a set of membership systems, all of which are divided by naughty value. Essence

    For most users, Taobao members can be divided into two levels:

    ordinary members, register to become members

    super Members, Naughty value> 1000

    The APASS member, but the naughty value is extremely high and belongs to the invitation system. The number does not exceed the number of members, and it is not detailed here.

    member level equity division:

    ordinary members: shopping blessing bags, birthday rights (these two rights need to be over 300 points), and refund at a speed.

    Super members: Youyue service, shopping blessing bag, birthday rights, speed refund.

    Guoyue service refers to if you encounter related problems in shopping, you can get priority customer service services. In fact, it is not much value

    2. How to calculate the naughty value?

    (The following calculation method comes from the official instructions of Taobao, the specific weight is not clear.)

    First of all, the naughty value is mainly composed of three parts: shopping, reward, and foundation divided into three parts of. These three parts are based on the membership value scores that are calculated based on the "purchase amount, purchase frequency, interaction, and reputation" on Taobao, Tmall, Flying Pig, and Tao Tickets in the past 12 months.

    The specific:

    The shopping score: The comprehensive score of the purchase amount in the past 12 months. Each single order, daily, monthly, each type of goods, and each store has a maximum scoring value. Among them, the maximum scoring value of physical products is greater than the maximum scoring value of virtual products such as recharge, ticketing, and air travel.

    Reward scores: The number of commodity categories purchased in the past 12 months, which reflects the text evaluation of the real consumption experience, with pictures, recovery, sharing the number of clicks, asking everyone, the number of days of buying the transaction, the number of days of buying, the number of days of buying, the number of days of buying, the number of days of purchase, the number of days of purchase, the number of days of buying, the number of days, Purchase the comprehensive score of the monthly number. Participate in Taobao family account activities, you can also get additional rewards. Each item sets up to the maximum score every day and every month. The reward score is affected by the positive direction of shopping. The higher the shopping score, the higher the reward score.

    Basic divisions: Basic division is determined by the current credibility level. The higher the credibility level, the higher the foundation score, and the higher the score of the shopping score and reward score.

    The basic score of the foundation is 400 points, and most people can achieve it.

    The naughty value is updated on the 8th month. It is worth mentioning that the naughty value is less than 1000 and it takes 888 yuan/year to open Ali's 88VIP, and the naughty value is greater than 1000, it only costs 88 yuan/year Essence

    2.2 How to get/improve the naughty value?

    The purchase baby (multi -platform, multi -store, multiple types, multi -frequency times)

    completing identity information (real -name authentication, sound pattern secret protection, Alipay real name, authorized sesame credit credit …)

    In participation in interaction (recovery, picture evaluation, video evaluation, ask everyone, share ...)

    Complete payment order)

    2.3 What can I do?

    Except mentioned above, more than 1000 preferential 88VIP points can be opened, and there is a corresponding level of equity. The naughty value can also be applied to the following scenarios:

    This Rights:


    A available:


    During the process of use, the qualified equity logo is below the picture, and the logo of the "Super Member" special is in the upper left corner of the picture.

    It is not easy to pay attention to, and the details of the rights and interests may not meet the conditions; the other is the overall uncoordinated unity.

    This here are improved.

    3. Naughty values ​​and gold coins

    淘 The naughty value belongs to different systems and has obvious differences; because it belongs to the same APP, it has a certain relationship.



    gold coins: accumulated from scratch, receive and increase the number of gold coins;

    Naughty value: There is a certain benchmark line, and according to the behavior in the APP, there are rising or falling.


    Active consumption:

    gold coins:

    Naughty value: Basically basically Can't actively consume.

    Passive consumption:

    The gold coins: valid for one year. 6.30 and 12.31 each year are unified expiration date.

    This: Naughty value: I have not used the app, no purchase and other behaviors. The shopping points and rewards in the naughty value can be consumed. The foundation is unchanged.


    This gold coins: timely change to generate flowing water;

    淘: Update on the 8th of each month.


    gold coins:

    The resource position on the homepage, you can directly enter;
    (Sign in, mature crops, and stolen gold coins can be triggered.)

    Naughty values:

    Paths: Home-My Taobao-Naughty Value. If the path is long, you cannot enter directly;

    The no Push recall mechanism, SMS recall mechanism, large traffic operation module

    It we can see that the entire operation of the Taobao member system operation They are relatively weakened. If you don't take the initiative, there is no sense of presence.

    and gold coins. Even if you have not entered the gold coin manor, you can also attract users to enter the module through the PUSH of the sign -in and stay in the module.

    Therefore, inference, the focus of the two is different:

    The focus/purpose:

    Active users, let users stay through sign -in and crops.

    It increase viscosity and increase retain. Continuous sign -in can get more rewards, and the frequency of crop gain is about one day/here.

    This value:

    is the general member level of Taobao, Tmall, Flying Pig, and Amoy Tickets. Mainly a sense of honor.

    In 88VIP, an atmosphere of comparison naughty value is surpassed, and the user's vanity

    88VIP can indeed be discount. Increase the naughty value by purchasing, evaluation and other methods, improved the active and GMV

    The association:

    The gold coins are obtained through shopping. The behavior of shopping can improve the shopping points and rewards in the naughty value. There are no significant improvements in other aspects.

    is worth mentioning that this is not that Taobao is not done well, and there is a Tmall points, which is mainly used to exchange coupons, which complement each other. Because I have seen articles in detail before, I will not repeat it here.

    . JD

    1. Integral system-Jingdou

    1. What is Jingdou?

    Tengdou is a reward given by JD users to shopping, evaluation, and sun -order on Jingdong website, which can only be used on the Jingdong website.

    1 1.2 Kyoto gameplay

    1.3 How to get Jingdou?

    app sign -in in Jingdou (you can get additional rewards for continuous sign -in)

    The shopping feedback Jingdou (the actual payment amount of a single product can be enjoyed by more than 50 yuan, the feedback value is to be, the feedback value is to be, and the feedback value is to be.实际支付金额的10%,单件商品最高可获得1000京豆)rn rn 评价回馈京豆(使用商品评价功能,根据商品金额不同,回馈10-20京豆)r n
    This to give back to Jingdou (to share with other netizens' shopping experience, use experience, real photos)

    1.4 How to use Jingdou?

    In when placing an order (100 Jing Bean deducts 1 RMB, the amount per order does not exceed 50%of the order amount; n
    The exchange coupon (APP treasure box's Jingdong member channel page can be exchanged for coupon with Jingdou)

    Delivers' homepage (user participating in the delivery of gifts from the delivery officer will deduct the gift office to deduct the gift office Corresponding number of Jingdou)

    The exchange of relevant rights and interests (specifically explained in the role of Beijing enjoyment)

    1.5 deduction rules
    n Dispostering the Jingdou obtained by the product.

    The default act (there is no reason to break the order on the door or refuse to receive the goods, give priority to deducting the corresponding Jingdou for compensation from the Jingdou account)

    (Do not meet the requirements of Treasure Island, deduct the corresponding Jingdou as a liquidated damage)

    2. Growth system-Jingxiang value

    2. What is Jingxiang value?

    Ding value is based on the user's account information, consumption amount, active interaction, Xiaobai credit and reputation based on users in the last 12 months of users, and comprehensively calculated the scores. The score is updated every day.

    Consumption: consumer behavior in Jingdong Mall, including amounts, frequency, purchase of product category, shopping years, etc.

    In new categories 10 Beijing enjoy value

    three days of shopping month 30 Beijing enjoy value

    shopping years, annual 20 Beijing enjoy Value

    The active: login, shopping after shopping, exposure, answering questions, repost sharing, and use of Jingdong online payment.

    Thenian single 5 Beijing enjoy value

    Plip evaluation 2 Beijing enjoy value

    participating in purchasing 5 Beijing enjoy value

    Prite one yuan donation 20 Beijing enjoyment value

    Profeed material donation 30 Beijing enjoyment value

    I answering questions 2 Beijing enjoy value

    Share product or activity 2 Beijing enjoy value

    The use of Jingdong Payment 2 Beijing enjoy value

    (the above -mentioned dimensions are restricted to the available Beijing enjoyment value)


    Pecent personal information 20 Beijing enjoy value

    real -name authentication and mobile phone 100 Beijing enjoy value

    I Xiaobai Credit:

    The comprehensive assessment made through multiple dimensions such as identity attributes, asset capabilities, use of credit products, and performance of credit products.

    The reputation:

    Is whether the consumption and interactive behavior of JD.com and JD Finance meets the rules of JD.com and national laws and regulations.

    The equity of Beijing enjoy value at different levels?

    The is divided into 5 levels

    Jing enjoy value u003C200: No rights

    200 < 享 u003C500: Open PLUS members, membership, Partial fees and freight bills can be reduced

    500 u003CJingxiang value u003C10000: birthday privilege

    10000 < 享 享 u003C20000: Jingxiang gift package (mainly some discounts Coupon)

    Jingxiang value> 20000: to replace the repairs

    (higher level of Beijing enjoy value includes low -level Beijing enjoy value ownership)
    n n
    2.2 How to obtain the value of Beijing?

    Depending on the above dimension, obviously, the value of the Beijing enjoyment can be improved through the following methods:

    consumption (large payment, multi -frequency, multiple types of purchase, total purchase of a total annual limit) ) limit) ) limit) limit) limit) limit) limit) limit) ) for total purchase) limit) ) for total purchase of years)

    The active (daily login, actively evaluating, sun -exposed, answering questions, forwarding sharing)

    Pecent account information, real -name authentication, and binding social accounts.

    The use of credit products with reasonable assets.

    This consumption meets national laws and regulations.

    2.3 What can Beijing enjoy the value be used?

    Jingxiang value itself is just a number of membership level. Its role is mainly as follows:


    is worth mentioning that the higher the value of the Beijing enjoy, the more equits that can be obtained in the same behavior, for example:

    The users with value> Plus, Plus, Plus Member's annual fees are 198 yuan/year;

    The users with Beijing enjoy value> 1000, PLUS member annual fee is 188 yuan/year;

    users with value> 5000 users , PLUS membership fee is 168 yuan/year;

    O users with value> 1000, PLUS member annual fee is 158 yuan/year;

    Ding in Jingxiang> 20000 The user, the PLUS member annual fee is 148 yuan/year.

    In a certain value of Beijing, receive the internal coupons of Jingdong:

    Ilads to help Jingdou exchanged value external permissions, limited to Beijing enjoyment value (the earliest time is 20000 at 20000 The above exclusive exclusive):

    3. Jingxiang value and Jingdou

    Jingxiang value and Jingdou all belong to Jingdong, but they belong to two different systems. The differences are also related.


    Jingdou: Simple behavior and other simple behaviors such as sign -in

    Beijing enjoy value: from five dimensions, the source is more complicated. (Jingxiang value of the period of consumption is rising every year, but the active Jingxiang value is rising and falling)

    Consumption channels:

    Active consumption:

    Jingdou: The amount when placing the order; redeeming the internal coupon of Jingdong; the right to exchange other apps

    Jingjing value: cancel various real -name authentication, remove the account association of account number

    Passive consumption:

    Jingdou: Get Beijing beans to start until the end of the following year (the longest two years, the shortest one year)
    n APP, no active behavior.

    The focus:

    Jingdou: Sign in to Jingdou daily, sign in continuously with large amount of Beijing beans, buy anti -Beijing beans. It is mainly to attract the daily login and the best purchase behavior on the way;

    Beijing enjoy the value: more overall, more ecological system establishment. Not only on the basis of JD, but also JD Finance. It is a kind of establishment and division of user portraits. It also uses the vanity of ordinary consumers.


    Generally speaking, the higher the value of Beijing enjoy, the more cumulative value of Jingdou (because Jingdou can be consumed, so the dimension of the comparison here is the dimension here is Cumulative value).

    The head of Beijing enjoying the value is still from active shopping behavior, and when you are active shopping, you can conduct a series of additional behaviors such as evaluation and sun order in order to further enhance the Beijing enjoyment value. Therefore, the higher the value of Beijing, the more accumulated Jingdou.

    . Taobao VS JD

    Taobao and JD.com are large e -commerce apps. The growth system and points system of the two have a certain degree of similarity:

    If first, the source of points (gold coins, Jingdou) in the integral system and the achievement value (naughty value and Beijing enjoyment value) in the growth system in its integral system have a certain overlap, for example :

    The purchase of a certain product. After confirming the receipt, you can return your 50 Beijing beans. Similarly, your Beijing enjoy value 2. The two are not contradictory.

    The points in the integral system can be accumulated until expired; the growth value in the growth system can be increased according to the behavior of the past year.

    This products that are different from social categories, such as post bar grade and QQ levels have been rising. The main reason for the design is nothing more than active! Stay! Attract users to repurchase.

    The points in the points system of the third and two are essentially virtual currencies, but they cannot be recharged.

    This can be considered from the perspective of risk control. In addition to the equivalent deduction, it will also involve internal and external coupons. Once the mouth is opened, it is easy to have risks.

    . In terms of points, the role of Jingdou = gold coin Tmall points

    The gold coins are mainly the bottom limit, while Tmall points are exchanged for exchange. A series of operating activities such as coupons, rafflers, and external privileges, including Tmall shopping allowances during the Double Eleven period, are also exchanged by Tmall points.

    This Fifth, the member system and the integration system complement each other, it is two different products, but it cannot be separated independently.

    five, curious, why not do a lot of Pinduoduo?

    Puoduo also has a sign -in system, but people give cash red envelopes, not points;

    It is a real fruit, nor is it points.

    So why not do it at this stage?

    Bold hypothesis:

    Puoduo is still in the stage of rapid expansion and development. This function is not the core function. Building two systems is labor -intensive and delayed temporarily; r;

    The platform profit is already very low, and it is not supported for the time being;

    has not thought about what to do;
    n It is generally not attractive to users.

    5. Do not meet the platform positioning, do not do ...

    But as an e -commerce, the introduction of the integration system and the growth system is necessary, combined From the perspective of the two, they mainly have the following functions:

    This to cultivate user habits through points and growth values ​​to increase user stickiness;
    n ;

    S screening loyal users to provide better services for them;

    Caping operations (consumption, learning waiting for you) behavior to obtain corresponding data;

    provide data support and carry out marketing activities. In order to achieve effective allocation of resources, the limited resources are tilted towards high points users;

    The promotion of new and active behaviors, and establishing a good upward ecology.

    , then if you want to do it, or you may do it, what can V1.0 do?

    In the existing basis:

    sign -in -mixing cash and points;
    n The faster the fruit tree grows, the more harvested;

    Medal wall -cooperate with the growth system.

    Culed brand to do:

    existing brand museums, better planning and management compared to small sellers;

    Brands (such as Duoduo Election) can better control profits and costs;

    Costco mode to manage some products.

    Make a sense of participation and value:

    How to fully inform the value of the user's points and achievements without letting users feel that you are talking about it. Doing a balance between between? It has always been a headache. After V1.0 goes online, look at the user's behavior line from the data!

    It, if it is the first version, there is no need to introduce too many third -party resources for the time being, such as: points mall, member mall, big raffle, mini -game, etc. are not core functions. This requires a lot of manpower and material resources, and also requires someone to operate. It is recommended that the first version has data feedback, and then consider what to do and do.

    In the target, run quickly, verify in time!

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