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  1. Digital RMB consumes through the exclusive "Digital RMB" app. There are two main methods of payment:
    First, users scan the merchant's payment code consumption.
    Net log in to the "Digital RMB APP", click on personal digital wallet, click "scan code payment" in the upper right corner, scan the merchant's collection code for payment;
    second, the merchant scan the user's digital RMB app payment code code Consumption.
    [1] Log in to "Digital RMB APP", click on personal digital wallet, and click "Swipe up payment";
    [2] Show payment for merchants. When the user uses the payment code for the first time to pay the merchant, you can choose whether to turn on a small amount of confidentiality;
    [3] If the user chooses to open a small confidentiality, the payment code will be displayed after entering the wallet; The payment code will be displayed directly.
    D digital RMB is also very convenient to use, even if there is no network. As long as you download a wallet with a digital RMB in a mobile phone, you can use it directly. Even if your mobile phone has no signal and network, we don't have to worry about it. We only need two mobile phones to touch and pay for payment, which is very convenient.
    This is not available in Alipay and WeChat payment. Alipay and WeChat payments need to be used in the network environment; so this also limits some of the use scenarios of these two mobile payment tools; comparison, digital RMB is safer and more convenient than Alipay and WeChat payment. Now the Digital RMB APP has been officially launched, and it will reduce the dimension of Alipay and WeChat payment!

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