Wang Sicong Panda Mutual Entertainment's bankruptcy auction is 31 million, will the principal also have time to invest?

5 thoughts on “Wang Sicong Panda Mutual Entertainment's bankruptcy auction is 31 million, will the principal also have time to invest?”

  1. On the enterprise checked app, we can see that Wang Sicong was forced to execute by the court for his legal obligations on January 11, 2021, and the implementation target was 77014336 yuan, which was executed to the court as the Shanghai Financial Court. At the same time, there were three executors, including Liu Liang, Liu Shujian, and Dai Lin. According to a press conference held on January 28th, Shanghai Panda Protection Culture Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Wang Sicong, in the case of bankruptcy liquidation, nearly 9,000 inventory products, through the form of auction, eventually 3,00011. For a million yuan transactions, the premium rate is as high as 99 %, and Wang Sicong's investment failure is already a fact.
    The on the sky's eye inspection shows that Panda Mutual Entertainment was established in July 2015. The registered capital was 1550,452.12 million yuan. The legal representative was shown as Long Fei, but the actual controller was Wang Sicong. In July 2015, Wang Sicong became the founder of Panda Live with 20 million registered funds and served as CEO of Panda TV. After that, due to panda interoperability, shortage of funds, and difficulty in financing, Panda live broadcasting and declined. The founder and COO of Panda Live said that because Panda live broadcast has not entered the outside world for a long time, the funds gap cannot be resolved, and Panda Live had to dismiss employees.
    The due to disputes with Panda Mutual Entertainment Investors, Wang Sicong was repeatedly listed as the executor by the court. It was not until December 2019 that the restrictions on Wang Sicong's restrictions on Wang Sicong will be canceled. In January 2021, Panda Mutual Entertainment entered the actual bankruptcy and liquidation procedure. After dozens of rounds of commercial negotiations, Panda Mutual Entertainment and Pusi invested 10 investors reached an agreement. All investors were compensated. The huge investment loss of nearly 2 billion yuan of Panda Mutual Entertainment is borne by Pusi Investment and the actual controller.
    Britable Sports VSPN announced the acquisition of Banana Game Media founded by Wang Sicong. Wang Sicong will be the vice chairman of the Hero Sports VSPN Strategic Committee. After the acquisition, Banana Game Media will become an independent brand of Hero Sports VSPN and maintain independent operations.
    Wang Sicong has been sent abroad to study abroad since he was a child. His elementary school he is studying in Singapore, a middle school and university in the UK. However, after facing the failure of the investment, Wang Sicong faced the outside world's doubts, why President Wang's investment ended in failure. However, because Wang Sicong was behind the big tree behind Wang Jianlin, even if he was listed as the executed person, he did not affect Wang Sicong. It is believed that Wang Sicong would likely return to Wanda to work after experiencing an investment failure.

  2. He is not a genius. Of course, there will be a time to invest in investment, but it does not matter if his investment fails. There is a strong capital strength at the back.

  3. Will do. Because investment is risky, no one can guarantee 100 % success, so President Wang will also have the time to invest in investment.

  4. Of course, there are also, after all, no matter how powerful it is, it is not a god who will not experience failure, and the risk of investing in is still relatively large.

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