Yingke and Kuaishou live broadcast platforms are welcomed, but what are the differences in gifts for gifts?

5 thoughts on “Yingke and Kuaishou live broadcast platforms are welcomed, but what are the differences in gifts for gifts?”

  1. Today's short videos and live broadcasts have become new weapons, and users have continued to soar. In this change of traffic, we saw fast hands. The early name was "GIF Kuaishou", which may be known in the past, but now the fast hand is undoubtedly the super hegemon on the short video and the live broadcast battlefield. As long as you have a lot of fans, you can open live broadcast. Fans like you will give you a reward, and the platform will draw a part, which is roughly 55. Some anchors will have a live broadcast of more than 100,000 gifts. And there are lists, fans enter the top three ranking designated by the anchor by brushing gifts, or appear on the anchor PK blood bars list, and then the anchor can guide their fans to the people on the list to pay attention to or connect live broadcast led to led the live broadcast quotation. Popularity, this method is called the list, which is not available in Yingke.
    is also a gift. Unlike Kuaishou, the anchor has a double -sided role on Yingke. At present, Yingke's anchors such as "Lord Ran", "Lin Yan-Gao Yu Shuai", "Fu Jinfei", "two-meter big gold" are all like this. For example, the "wait" and Ran Lord Ran in the second and third of the local tyrant list, "Wait" now Aijian $ 240 million (equivalent to RMB 24 million), but he has brushed out on Yingke's cumulative brush out of the guests. Applied to Aiji is about 290 million (equivalent to 29 million yuan). The same is true of Lord Ran, with a total list of 680 million yuan (equivalent to 68 million yuan), but about 247 million yuan (equivalent to more than 24 million yuan) was sent.
    Sekke is mostly to give back fans and so on. If you are more careful, you will find that on the Yoshimoto contribution list of major anchors and local tyrants, you will find that anchors and local tyrants have the habit of rewarding each other. List.
    The gameplays of various platforms are different, but they can all be in peace and progress together. Overall, although Yingke and Kuaishou can play live rewards, the two ways of rewarding the game are different.

  2. In the Yingke platform, fans need to use the RMB to buy diamonds on the RMB to recharge, and then use diamonds to buy gifts to the anchor to reward. For fast hands, it is necessary to buy fast currency and buy gifts through fast currency.

  3. In fact, some money is charged by the platform. For example, the anchor of Yingke accounts for a third less, and the rest is collected by the platform, and the fast hand is charged a part of the tax, and then the rest of the platform is divided.

  4. The biggest difference between Yingke and Kuaishou Live Platform is that the form of gifts is different, and then the platform's division of interest is different.

  5. The operation method is different, because Yingke can only operate on the live broadcast platform, but the fast hand can be operated not only on the live broadcast; It is five or five points; the gifts are different, because the gifts for Yingke are diamonds, and the fast hands are small objects, such as rockets or airplane beer. and many more.

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