4 thoughts on “The company's company involved in fake operations abnormal, did Wang Sicong really plant it?”

  1. Some media exposure said that Wang Sicong's company's "Shanghai Banana Plan Culture Development Co., Ltd." Shanghai Jing'an District Market Supervision and Administration Bureau was included in the operating abnormal list, because the information of the public information concealed the real situation and falsified. "

    It is reported that in June 2015, Wang Sicong set up a banana plan on his hand. , Registered capital of up to 100 million yuan, Wang Sicong is the largest shareholder of the company, holding 68.5%of the shares.
    The company's business scope includes the e -sports industry (event projects, online platform operations, media, etc.) and the entertainment marketing industry (artist, star endorsement, advertising, mobile Internet marketing, etc.) Essence
    It reports that the banana plan has always been a key part of Wang Sicong's business map. Friends who are familiar with the entertainment circle and the game circle should also hear.

    It's entertainment, the Rocket Girl 101 Fu Jing, You Changjing and Lin Yanjun of Nine Percent are from this "Banana Entertainment".

    This love beans who wanted to be on the title of "Banana Entertainment", have attracted much attention since the show appeared, and later became popular. Wang, successfully debuted.

    . But no one of the trainees of Banana Entertainment will never take off the position.

    In terms of e -sports, Wang Sicong has already begun to lay out. Its IG won the championship of a game global finals in 2018, making Wang Sicong once a many media The "rich second -generation entrepreneurial benchmark" in the pen.

    The company's entrepreneurial failure, selling 10 million yuan supercar is a pity. At the same time, Wang Sicong's other game live broadcast company- - Panda live broadcast is constantly losing money.
    It is understood that Panda live loses 50 million in 2015, loses 500 million in 2016, and loses 800 million in 2017. By March 2019, Panda Live announced the disconnection of the server and officially announced that Wang Sicong had "failed to start a business."

    I was implicated by the live broadcast of Panda. The dispute with the debtor also led him to the list of "Lao Lai". Some netizens have revealed that Wang Sicong sells two top supercars.
    News, the Porsche 918 Spyder is considered a real collection of luxury cars. The official offer of the new car is 1338-1463.5 million yuan, and the second-hand cars have sold more than 20 million.

    Compared with ordinary luxury cars, "918" can be preserved even if it cannot be appreciated. Generally, it will not be easily sold. What's more, Wang Sicong's hand is still one hand, and the condition of the car is quite good.

    It this series of things, plus Wang Sicong's company is now listed on the business abnormal list, which can not help let the "eat melon melon melon melon melon The masses questioned: Did Wang Sicong really want to plant? Is he going to lack money?

    Wang Sicong is still drunk and golden fans, and it seems that it is not affected by EMMM ... Looking at Wang Sicong's current situation, it is probably "eating melon".
    Since the banana entertainment has been included in the "Operation Abnormal List", Wang Sicong's life has still lived. Wang Sicong also commented on the sexy beauty of women's Internet celebrities on social media. Some netizens broke the news that Wang Sicong was still jumping at the bar at about two in the morning.
    , although he is low -key in black T himself, there are a lot of beauties and wine around him. One of the beauties also staged a "push to grab the throne" drama.

    is probably "thin and dead camel is bigger than horses". Wang Sicong should play or play. Life is still so drunk and not subject to a series of negative events. Impact.

    It as a netizen's joke: Maybe for Sicong, this money is our hundreds of dollars. In any case, netizens still have to eat melon rationally and look at questions!

  2. There are many companies under his company. This is just a small part of the entertainment industry. It cannot be said that he has planted it. In many aspects, especially in terms of investment, he is still very good.

  3. I think Wang Sicong is really planting. Now there are a lot of bad rumors about him, and then he is really isolated and helpless.

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