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  1. 1. Before repair, you must carefully check and understand those mobile phones that have failed. This is a fast, refined and efficient maintenance premise.

    2. On the printed circuit board inside the mobile phone, because it is inlaid with integrated chips of different manufacturers and different models, there are some new types of components on the printed circuit board. All these chips are Some weak current signals are transmitted on the elemental parts. Therefore, do not perform maintenance operations under the high voltage of strong magnetic fields to avoid being impacted by large currents and damage these components.

    3. When repairing the mobile phone, we should follow the operating rules of maintenance, first connect to the test instrument correctly, then open the test instrument and set it correctly. Possible failures.

    4. Since the mobile phone is a microelectronics product that belongs to an integrated circuit, the integrated circuit structure inside it is very precise, and it is developed and developed by advanced technology. Therefore, this requires Before repairing the mobile phone, our maintenance personnel must have the performance of each chip and components in the opponent's circuit board. In addition, it is necessary to clearly understand the logical connection between the chips in the mobile phone circuit printing board. Examination, correct judgment, fast and accurate operation, avoid misjudgment, cause man -made failures, and cause economic losses.

    5. When disassembling or installation of mobile phones, be sure to operate in a certain before and after order. Device. rnrn6、由于手机传输的是一些微弱信号,而我们用户或者操作工具身上附带的静电足以可以烧毁一些元器件,为了减少这方面的损失,我们在维修手机时,必须在The anti -static workbench is carried out on the workbench, and the electrical shielding between the test instruments, the maintenance personnel, and the workbench should be well grounded.

    7, different manufacturers, different models, different styles, and its version number is different. Therefore, when repairing some mobile phones that need to be replaced by the device, you must use a qualified normal version of the same version. Chip and components to avoid replacing different versions of chips.

    8. Since the volume of the parts in the mobile phone is relatively small, in order to prevent the parts from being lost or installed less during the disassembly process, we must ensure that the workbench needs to be cleaned and hygienic, and the maintenance tools are complete. Put it at hand. In addition, we must pay attention to keeping the mobile phone printed circuit board cleaning, so that it can not affect the maintenance operation. In the process Avoid other aspects of failure in the circuit board.
    9. In order to ensure that the quality of the mobile phone after repairing is not decreased, we better not use the chips and components of those technical indicators, poor quality, and pirated smuggling during the repair process, so as not to cause more complicated faults.

    10. In the end, what I want to emphasize to you is that you must learn to repair your mobile phone yourself. Due to misjudgment, the losses were even more heavy. For example, after the mobile phone is repaired, it is necessary to clean and organize the workbench. For example, let the maintenance tools be returned, and reinstall all the attachments (long screws, antenna sleeves, glue, insulators, etc.) to prevent a little less repairs.

  2. As the country vigorously advocates the call of "mass entrepreneurship and innovation", more and more people will start their own business and want to make their own world in the market of talents. Several types of entrepreneurship:

    1, business type: also known as buying and selling, low prices, high prices, but in the real environment, the requirements for funds are higher and risky.

    2, technical type: with the length of one skill, the urgency of everyone, everyone is willing to pay for your skills, among the many skills, beauty, digital, and locomotives in this range, but few people spend their money and open gold. A beauty salon, and the early investment of mobile phone maintenance is very low.

    What market prospects for mobile phone repair?

    The market base: At present, domestic mobile phones are used, around 1.5. People with many business, even 2-3 mobile phones are there. The screen is bigger and more functions. The higher the frequency of use, the longest contact with each day is nothing more than a mobile phone.

    What profit for mobile phone repair?

    It first talk about the quotation standard for mobile phone maintenance. The basic industry standards are: 1/10 of the current value of the mobile phone, for example: a mobile phone of an Apple X may be more than 7,000 when purchasing the new machine, but after more than 1 year of use, the second -hand market is about 5,000 yuan, and the second -hand market is about 5,000 yuan. If such mobile phones are damaged by the motherboard, the maintenance cost of 500 yuan is the industry's potential standard. A new VIVO mobile phone may be more than 2,000 yuan, and the cost of repairing the external explosion is basically about 150-200 yuan (specifically the difficulty of maintenance, and risk). Examples of the above two questions: What is the cost?

    Apple X maintenance motherboard. The biggest cost is whether your technology can support, because most of the main board repair of Apple X needs to be layered repair, and the manual requirements for maintenance personnel are high. The cost is basically within a few dollars. Fix the external screen of the mobile phone. If the technology is too strong, the cost of an external screen is about 5-15 yuan (some people say that they are buying high equipment, wrong! In Lan Tengxue's screen repair technology, only a few hundred equipment can be used to be able to get a few hundred equipment. So, let's calculate the gross profit margin.

    How is the investment in mobile phone maintenance?

    In except for hard conditions such as store rents and decoration,

    device cost: Investment is around 2,000 yuan (intermediate standard), including the main board maintenance required: high -definition microscope, fast -guest 2008 air gun, soldering iron and small tools, the screen repair repair tool investment is about 500 yuan. r r r r r r r r

    about total investment: about 2500 yuan

    The stock cost: The goods are always incomplete, but the local market has a special commissioner. Tall, but also avoided the risk of funds for a large amount of backlog inventory.

    M common screen maintenance external screens, I need to prepare it by myself. The cost of the screen on the screen is about 3 yuan, and the goods of 1,000 yuan are a bunch. Of course, the students here do not need to press OCA dry glue

    With your rent costs, most markets are divided into two target positioning

    1, specializing in the "scattered customer" business: the so -called "loose customers" refers to the individual user group, not in the industry system. Provide customers with real -time maintenance, fast repair, quality assurance, and cultivate their fans. But there are requirements for the site selection and decoration of the store, and the rent and transfer cost will be slightly higher, but the place where there is a large amount of traffic and business opportunities will also be. After all, the business opportunities will be. The profits of the scattered customers will be much higher than the peers.

    2. Specializing in doing "peer" business: If you are superb technology, provide technical support for peers, do not need to think of operation, but you need to repair it, but you have to repair it, but you have to repair it, but you have to repair it, but you have to repair it, but you have to repair it, but you have to repair it, but you have to repair it, but you have to repair it. Good, live in can you have a good reputation in the peer circle, because your peers must also make money by you. In the electronic city stall, just find a place to find you. .

    The above two points, the profit summary, one "quality", one "quantity".
    n How to quickly learn the mobile phone repair? R n
    The mobile phone maintenance industry is just a large section, and there are many "division of labor" skill standards.

    . Software repair technology:

    1, ordinary Brush, jailbreak, unlock

    The basic software services of the foundation can be done with computers. Most mobile phone enthusiasts can basically operate themselves and have low technical content.

    2, data layer software repair (rescue brick)

    The software itself or artificial flashing errors, causing faults. Most of them need to buy professional software. The price is about hundreds of yuan

    3. Data recovery:

    In software repair technology, the highest ciber core technology. As the saying goes: mobile phones are valuable, data is priceless, basic deletion and recovery of photos are based The charging of the class is generally around 200 yuan. If the mobile phone is unable to turn on and cannot be fixed, the hard disk data is extracted alone, the starting price of 2,000 yuan

    . Screen maintenance technology:

    Most of them refer to the "external screen" repair of mobile phones, which are divided into direct screen repair and curved screen repair.

    three categories of screen maintenance:

    1, Apple external screen repair: repair on the 5-8 generation mobile phone LCD screen of Apple mobile phone. It can be maintained independently within 2 days, which is a starting foundation for screen maintenance technology.

    2. Domestic screen repair: Due to the different screen fit technology, most domestic mobile phones screen the screen assembly and fit the middle frame. Unlike the screen connection method of the Apple mobile phone, the maintenance external screen is maintained. You need to remove the screen assembly intact before, and it is also the most difficult point in domestic screen maintenance. It is wrong to wait for the "inner screen" to disassemble the payment. Make simple.

    3, curved screen maintenance: With the rise of the high -end market of mobile phones, the earliest brand led by Samsung, when using the curved screen for the first time, it has a great impact on the maintenance industry, because the material of the curved screen is different from the conventional conventional Facing the screen, the screen display area itself is "flexible", and the screen is bonded with a large area with the middle frame. Thinking from another angle is also a skill with the highest maintenance profit.

    . The maintenance technology of the mobile phone of the mobile phone: divided into three levels

    1, first -level maintenance: disassembly -installed maintenance. Simply disassemble and replace the mobile phone "internal matching". Such as: replace the mobile phone battery, replace the screen assembly, the internal line of the mobile phone, and replace the charging interface such as simple operations. Such operations are basically manual technology. Generally, do not use wind gun welding tables and soldering iron.

    2, secondary maintenance: chip -level maintenance. Inspection, detection, and replacement of the unit circuit of the motherboard. Such maintenance requirements have good manual technology, circuit drawing analysis, use tools, such as microscope, air gun welding table, soldering iron and other maintenance tools. The purpose of the fault.

    3, level three maintenance: factory -level maintenance. Independent analysis circuit failure can replace the circuit design of the original motherboard. The handmade requirements are more precise. If you often hear the Apple mobile phone "moving the board repair", of course, it does not mean that the board does not mean that it can meet the standard of third -level maintenance, but it is just a standard. A basic condition for manual operation should also understand the layout of the entire motherboard.

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