3 thoughts on “Isn't it just needed now? Why can't many small dining tables still be operated?”

  1. Although the hosting is now just in the family, it does not mean that the parents of any custodian agency can accept it. Many of the small dining tables have no formal processes, and the teacher does not have enough ability. Parents will find problems after a period of experience. Coupled with parents' money, they are not scraped by strong winds, and for their children's education, they will choose the best. Therefore, most parents will choose brand custody. In this case, students at the small dining table will be lost in large area, so they will not be able to operate.

  2. Now the hosting is indeed just needed, but there are more and more custody, and the competitiveness will become greater and greater. Then the good and bad of the service will become a hosted good or bad. Many small dining tables do not have a complete custody process. Parents need to reach it, and fewer children are naturally recruited. Can't go down and go down. At this time, the effect of the brand is displayed. The promotion -of -level custody is one of the better. There are professional teachers. Therefore, they did not care about the epidemic crisis and faced peacefully.

  3. Although the custody industry is just needed, it is still a bit difficult to meet the needs of different people. Some parents ask their children to have a place to eat at noon, and some ask their children to have a lunch break at noon. Some parents ask the teacher to check the homework carefully. ... After the brand hosted, it can strictly ask the teacher to do it and do every job. If your child likes it, parents can rest assured that the small dining table will lose competition.

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