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  1. The air can do land heating.
    It air-energy floor heating, also known as heat pump floor heating, refers to the use of low-grade thermal energy in the air to be transformed into high temperature heat energy after compressor compressing, and heats the water temperature to not higher than 60 ° C (the general water temperature is 35-50 ° C) As a heat media, it circulates in the dedicated pipeline, heats the ground decorative layer, and heats up the ground through ground radiation and heat transfer.
    1. Advantages:
    1. Comfort
    The air -energy floor heating machine heating heat rises from the foot, so that the temperature of the entire indoor space is evenly distributed, without the sense of heat, which is conducive to the body to maintain water. At the same time It has a positive effect on rheumatism and asthma.
    2. Energy -saving
    35 ~ 50 ° C for air energy floor heating machines (85 ° C for flowing heating sheets), and heat concentrated to the human body's beneficiary height (below 2 meters) Essence
    3. Save space
    The air -energy floor heating machine laid water pipes under the floor, save space, and can match different decoration styles.
    4. Life is long
    The pipes used in the air -to -floor heating machine are buried underground. It does not knotting, non -corrosion, no destruction, and the service life is synchronized with the building. Compared with traditional central air conditioners and heating, the heating province is available to maintain and replace the cost.
    . Disadvantages:
    The air energy floor heating also has certain disadvantages, that is, there are certain requirements for the floor when laying, and solid wood flooring is not suitable for laying floor heating.
    Thermal insulation materials of ground heating are paved under the floor, which will be too high to be too high.
    It, the floor heating is only suitable for those families without decoration during construction. If it is already renovated, it will be troublesome. a lot of.
    The expansion information:

    The precautions when air can be used when air can be used in air. Due to excessive ground temperature, it will damage the pipeline under the ground.
    2. Do not drill and nail on the ground, so as not to penetrate the pipeline under the ground that really requires drilling. Please contact the floor heating installation dealer or control the floor heating cloth to confirm that it will not be damaged. Damage yourself.
    3. Try not to install fixed decorative parts or put on -legged furniture on the ground to avoid affecting the ground heat dissipation. Generally, the bottom surface of the furniture is generally more than 125px.
    4. Do not place the glassware and porcelain directly on the ground during the heating to avoid cracking from uneven heating.
    5. It is not allowed to place items above 2T/㎡ on the ground to prevent the ground deformation and rupture. Rebellion should be taken (expanding the contact area to reduce pressure).
    6. Pay attention to anti -freezing at 0 ° C and below in winter. The waterway system in the area where the area is not available is not completely closed. If you need to close, you need to reserve a small openness to prevent freezing.
    7. In the non -heating period, it is filled with water maintenance (if possible, refer to the execution, because it involves water quality problems, it may need to be filled with water and release water multiple times within one year).
    Reference information Source:
    Baidu Encyclopedia-Air Energy Field Warm

  2. Air energy floor heating, also known as heat pump floor heating, refers to the use of low-grade thermal energy in the air to be transformed into high temperature thermal energy after compressor compressing, and heating the water temperature to no more than 60 ° C (the general water temperature is 35-50 ° C), and it is used as the heat as the heat The media circulates in the dedicated pipeline, heats the ground decoration layer, and heats up the ground through ground radiation and heat transfer.

    The heat in the air to the indoor heating, which is 200%more electricity than electric floor heating, 100%safe, and heating 24 hours a day. At present, this kind of "air can be warm" that integrates the above advantages in the market is rapidly popular in the market, which is enthusiastically sought after by consumers.

    In considering safety and energy conservation, air -energy heat pump water heater is undoubtedly the best choice for household thermal water and household heating. When it comes to air energy heat pump water heaters, some consumers may not know what it is. The air -energy heat pump thermal heater is heated by absorbing the heat in the air to achieve water and electricity separation and no exhaust emissions. It is the safest and most energy -saving hot water equipment. However, air energy heat pump water heaters have risen in China for only more than ten years, so some consumers do not know this trendy energy -saving product. In recent years, with the advantages of high efficiency and energy saving, the air -energy heat pump water heater has obtained the country's energy -saving subsidy and strong support, and gradually entered people's sight, especially high -end villas and community buildings.

    of course, the promotion and application of air energy heat pump water heaters is not only considered from the perspective of security and energy saving, but also from the comfort of user experience. The air can be warm water heater. The hot water and the heating water are completely independent, clean and safe, and provide users with a healthy, natural, high -quality heating and bathing enjoyment. Compared with other heating methods, the air -energy -energy water heating heater is more in line with the characteristics of the body heating. The room temperature gradually decreases from bottom to top, solving the problem of "cold from the feet", and there will be no problems such as indoor dryness and throat discomfort.

    The air -energy ground heating, as the most energy -saving equipment for heating and bath thermal water supply. Input costs, low operating costs, and comfortable experience will become the mainstream trend of future heating.

  3. Of course, the air can be land heating. In the air source heat pump floor heating air conditioning system provided by our company, the summer heat pump host generates 7 degrees Celsius cold water for wind turbine to control the cooling. In the winter, the ball valve of the heating windwind water collector is opened. The heat pump host generates 45 degrees of Celsius with hot water land heating. When the outdoor temperature is below minus 5 degrees Celsius, the heating function of the boiler can be started to assist the heating floor heating system. Gas wall -mounted boilers provide hot water at the same time. As for power consumption, electric energy is mainly used for the work of heat pumps. It is not directly used as heat conversion, and the heat conversion efficiency reaches 300%. If necessary, you can call "Ningbo Shengzhuang Nagging Equipment Co., Ltd.".

  4. The air that can be outdoors when the air is colder in winter is a cup of water for the calories required by the heating. Especially in the cold winter of the south, it is impossible to heat ground heating alone by air alone. Usually, boilers or electricity are used to assist heating.

  5. 1. Air energy heat pumps are generally used in hotels and bathhouses. Essence
    2 used for water storage. Do you have enough space to install air energy heat pump?
    3. The air -energy heat pump rely on refrigerant to absorb the surrounding heat to heat the water. Essence The cold wind was shot. Essence Essence Noise is also strong. Essence Essence
    4 How do you control the stop of the heat pump at work? And you have to add a temperature probe. Circular pump to circulate water. Essence There are many, many reasons anyway

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